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Fertility woo/needles in East London - any recommendations?

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BlooferLady Mon 18-Jul-11 15:36:50

Hello there!

I have been TTCing 19 months - diagnosis thus far is that we are both models of fertility health and it's all bad luck/ a numbers game.

We are due to go to the fertility clinic to discuss Options this autumn. My priority between now and then is to lose 2 stone so I fall within the healthy BMI range (so that I qualify for assisted conception) and to try and look after myself generally in the hope I can slip in a natural conception before I have to start treatment. I'm an optimist, what can I tell you!

I have not yet done any alternative stuff and am willing to give it a go. To that end, can anyone recommend me a good fertility acupuncturist in East London (pref not too far out - Hackney, City, Bethnal Green etc.)? I am quite poor, but I guess I can spend the money not going on booze/fags on needles instead!

Any other suggestions for helpful 'woo' hugely appreciated!

eurochick Mon 18-Jul-11 15:44:49

Hmm,this might not be quite what you want as it's Central London and a bit pricey but I'll throw it out there anyway. I took the view that if someone is sticking needles in me, I want to know they know what they are doing so I wanted a recognised clinic registered with the body for fertility acupuncture rather than an unaffiliated individual practitioner. Anyway, I go here and would definitely recommend it. No BFP yet, but I have found my acupuncturist v helpful (as you have probably seen from my many references on here to her!).

plantsitter Mon 18-Jul-11 15:52:24

Came on the thread to recommend the same lady. She turned my breech baby in one session and is v nice.

BlooferLady Mon 18-Jul-11 15:52:40

Thanks Euro - and yes indeed, when it comes to needling I would like to know that it's the best I can get for my pennies! Also it's cheaper than the one I was looking at in the Barbican...

Thanks again and good luck! smile

BlooferLady Mon 18-Jul-11 15:53:08

Thanks Plantsitter - that's an encouraging coincidence!

whatatip Mon 18-Jul-11 16:09:43

Alison Courtney does clinics around East London and specialises in fertility/pregnancy issues. I really liked her. You'll need to google as I no longer have her number, but she has a website.

BlooferLady Mon 18-Jul-11 16:11:59

Thanks whatatip - it's great having personal recommendations. I get a bit intimidated just looking through websites. Did she help you? (If you don't mind my asking).

Though to be honest I am not expecting an instant BFP or anything. I just think that after a really stressful year, various ways of taking care of myself can't hurt. Does that make any sense at all?

BlooferLady Mon 18-Jul-11 16:13:36

whatatip, she has a clinic not 5 minutes from my house. Thank you SO MUCH for the recommendation: I am calling to make an appointment.

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