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Sperm Analysis Results Help!

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MissTinaTeaspoon Fri 15-Jul-11 10:17:50


Dh has just got the results of a second sperm analysis. His count and motility are good, normal forms is 15% (which is higher than last time - vit c must be doing it's job!) and then at the bottom it just says 'clumping' without any measurement (last time it said 'moderate' afterwards), so what does that mean?! Is any clumping normal or is it always bad? The GP doesn't know and is trying to get hold of the lab but they are hard to get hold of (past experience) and i think they're closed on a Friday.

Thank you

Keziahhopes Fri 15-Jul-11 17:17:29

Hi - I don't know what they mean by clumping but my Dh's analysis said "sticky" sperm, ie poor motility. Does it refer to that? It got really improved by taking supplements (he had Menevit which I swear by now from Australila as we just got a natural bfp after years of ttc adn one failed icsi!)

Have you had his antibodies tested - as this is what we found out caused the poor motility .

MissTinaTeaspoon Fri 15-Jul-11 17:23:00

Thanks for replying but it was all a misunderstanding! Basically the results were computer generated and sent out to the GP. The printout makes no sense at all, even the doctor struggled, but when I looked at it just now its all kind of backwards and the way I interpret it is that there's no clumping, which is great obviously! The last sample 6 months ago had moderate clumping so he started taking 1000mg vitamin C which has obviously worked smile

Keziahhopes Fri 15-Jul-11 17:26:06

Oh that is fantastic results!!

MissTinaTeaspoon Fri 15-Jul-11 17:26:29

I forgot to say congratulations! grin

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