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I got the go ahead from an OPK 4 times this month but still no temp rise, PCOS suddenly developed?, clomid caused problems?, STRESS? or something else????

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hippychick66 Thu 14-Jul-11 20:37:38

Hi I usually have pretty good predictable cycles. With an ovulation at about day 14. I am currently on day 25.

This month I have got the two blue lines on an OPK 4 times and each time I've felt like I didn't ovulate afterwards and my temperature has confirmed this by remaining low. I just wanted to ask if anyone has an opinion on this:-

We are moving in 2 weeks and only confirmed where we are moving to a few days ago, the house is full of stuff and time is ticking by so i am STRESSED.

I used Clomid last month for the first time (due to my age) but didn't use it this month as I just knew it would be a stressful month.

so, do you think A) my body is trying to ovulate but the stress keeps stopping it. B) the one months worth of clomid I took last month has cocked up my system, C) I have suddenly developed PCOS in my 40s?????

I thought maybe my thermometer was broken cos I have had quite erratic temps (although always low). But I did another OPK today and the second line is really dark, so I think the thermometer is right and I am STILL Pre-.

Could all this damage my ovaries? What should I do? Just leave it and wait for AF and see what happens after we move maybe???

Thanks for any advise smile

MissTinaTeaspoon Fri 15-Jul-11 09:08:50

I'm not sure about clomid because I've got no experience of it but are you sure you're not pregnant? Opks can show up hcg too so might be worth poas? Good luck! (although I'm not sure how that would relate to the erratic temps but worth a try!)

hippychick66 Fri 15-Jul-11 10:02:25

thanks for replying missTT. I did think of that and did a hpt yesterday. That was the only blinkin' test that didn't show 2 lines unfortunately.sad

I still feel very much like I'm about to ovulate, just need something to push me over the egde grin

hippychick66 Sat 16-Jul-11 12:29:17

I just got another strong positive (about my 7th in a row). WTF is going on? Any idea, anyone?

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