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Weird pain

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LisaJayneS Thu 14-Jul-11 07:17:14

Morning ladies. I have had a weird sharp pain in my lower right side today. Kind of hard to explain where the pain is but right down at the bottom front right hand side. (Sorry - really hard without a picture to mark it on!!)

Any ideas what this could be. I'm not sure when / if I've ovulated this month as my monitor can't make its mind up. I thought I had ov cramp type pain a week last monday, which would make me 10dpo now, but my temp monitor doesn't think I ov'd then. However, my chart looks like possibly I might ave ov'd on Sunday (which would be weird as I would never normally ov as late as CD19). That would put me at 4dpo now.

It feels like a sharp pain rather than a crampy type pain. I've also had a bit of lower back pain the last week or so. Any ideas?

Lisa xx

LisaJayneS Thu 14-Jul-11 08:02:17

Getting kind of period ish pains now all across the front. Is this just period pains do you think?

AstroNess Thu 14-Jul-11 08:35:54

Hi lisa. Not sure if it's much help but I'm on CD 23 and 6 DPO. I've been having those sorts of pains for the last couple of days. I also got them around the time of ovulation.
Now, at least at ovulation you can explain what is it. But who knows now? How long is your cycle? And, were you trying around the time of ovulation?

LisaJayneS Thu 14-Jul-11 08:48:22

Cycle is normally 28 days ish and we were ttc (have been for 19 mths) but not entirely sure if / when I ov'd.

LisaJayneS Thu 14-Jul-11 08:50:41

Sorry you're having them too Astroness - both uncomfortable and confusing!

eurochick Thu 14-Jul-11 11:03:16

I sometimes get a pain a bit like a stitch a few days before AF. that is always low down on the right side (similar to the place where I get ov pain but the pain is different).

LisaJayneS Thu 14-Jul-11 11:59:22

That sounds like it - oh poo sad

AstroNess Thu 14-Jul-11 13:11:41

Well, mine is unlikely to be pre-empting AF as my cycle is generally 38 days, i.e. AF is two weeks away yet...

LisaJayneS Thu 14-Jul-11 13:34:43

See I would have thought AF was AT LEAST 5-7 days away if not more if my current temp chart is anything to go by. But I bet it is sad

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