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littlejesamiah Wed 13-Jul-11 12:31:05

Hi there
ttc for 11 months i have pcos and also after a recent hysterosalpingogram i found out that my uterine wall has what the call caves and could also be affecting me getting pregnant. i am already seeing a consultant but the appointments are so far in between i thought i would join this to see if anyone had heard of this before?
my periods are irregular going from 34 days upto 44 days.
please help im at a loss at the minute as there is always something else wrong! and because of how i am feeling it seems everyday a different friend is announcing her pregnancy!!!
Please Help

MumofMaya Wed 13-Jul-11 20:21:12

Aw, I am so sorry to hear that. I also have PCOS and was only diagnosed once I had some blood tests, and a scan. This was after atleast a year or so of trying to get pregnant. It was very frustrating as sometimes I wouldn't have a period for a couple of months. then the GP here prescribed metformin and said it might help if I could try and lose a bit of weight.

Neither seemed to help, so when I went abroad back home, I went private and had the whole range of tests and scans and they advised me to lose some more weight and come back to them in a month for keyhole surgery(laproscopy) to drill some of the cysts on my ovaries. they advised me to return to the UK and start a round of clomid. I did so in feb after my surgery in jan. I started the clomid in feb and was pregnant by March! I just couldn;t believe it!

So, I know how you feel. don't give up, I almost did, but with the support of family and friends and lots of self determination, you can get through anything.

I don't have anything like the caves you mentioned, but if you are serious about getting pregnant, don't wait around for the NHS to help. go private and do your research if you can

helenlouisey Wed 13-Jul-11 20:49:34

Hi, ive had a lot of problems with my uterus, namely scarring, which i'm not sure whether if this is the same thing you've been diagnosed with? I've never heard of uterine caves before, I'm wondering whether it is also caused by scar tissue or something you were born with and maybe like a septate uterus where the uterus is partitioned?

I agree with MumofMaya, its really important to do your research and find a specialist who knows how to treat your uterine abnormality, I know my consultant Mr Trew is a specialist in treating abnormalities within the uterus, if you look at the bottom part of his website there is a section on various abnormalities and treatment of them. I would highly recommend seeing Mr Trew, he was recently rated one of the top fertility doctors in the country by The Times.

With regards to your PCOS, I would first off try and get your uterus sorted out as there is no point getting your cycles regular and ovulation on track if your uterus isn't able to accept a fertilised egg.

Helen x

littlejesamiah Thu 14-Jul-11 10:38:06

Thanks for your replies, I have also been put on Metformin but hasn't really done much the consultant said I only needed to lose 5lbs which I have i am not big by any means but have done what they asked.

I am having period just some month 36 day and others 45 so no pattern what so ever.
I have fallen pregnant before 3 years ago and miscarried which was down to medication I was on at the time, this was when I was originally told I had pcos. We weren't trying I had been on the implant for about 5 months when it happened!!
I think I'm gonna wait for my next appointment see what happens and try and get some proper answers and take it from there.
Thanks for your referral I will look into him


blacktreaclecat Thu 14-Jul-11 18:53:19

Is it adenomyosis? This is endometriosis within the myometrium. Quite difficult to diagnose but a skilled radiologist can sometimes pick it up on a scan.
I have it mildly along with endometriosis and have been pg twice, once with naturally once with clomid. Both unfortunately unsuccessful but not due to the adenomyosis.

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