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PCOS - What happens next?

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DonnaP86 Tue 12-Jul-11 14:55:21


I have just been diagnosed with PCOS after years of talking to Doctors who weren't interested I finally found one that would take me seriously! My sister also has this condition but as she is not TTC they haven't really given her any support.

My partner and I have been trying for just over 8 months now but no luck yet. I have been referred to a gyno but still waiting for an appointment. I guess my biggest question is what happens next?!?

I don't have a lot of the 'normal' PCOS symptoms as I have regular periods, unfortunately they are too regular! Only have about 8-9 days between them!

Any help advice would be really appreciated!

eurochick Tue 12-Jul-11 15:15:50

I have PCOS too.

I was diagnosed 18 yrs ago and after the diagnosis I wasn't given any support. I was offered the Pill to mask the symptoms and told to come back when I wanted to have kids.

In the meantime I read up on the condition myself (The PCOS Handbook by Colette Harris is helpful; also have a look at the Verity website for useful info and support) and try to eat low GI, which I have found helpful.

I also have regular periods (although not as regular as yours) and am ovulating by myself but after quite some time trying I am not pregnant. We are just starting investigations now. I have had blood tests (all normal, even the usual PCOS indicators) and been referred to a gynae. I am waiting for an appointment now. While I am waiting I am trying various supplements and acupuncture. The latter in particular seems to have brought about some helpful changes to my cycle (lighter, less clotty periods and a slightly longer phase between ovulation and my period).

DonnaP86 Tue 12-Jul-11 15:32:44

thanks for your message, will have a look on Amazon for the PCOS book you mentioned. I may also have Coeliac Disease, having bloods done tomo to find out for sure so it looks like I am going to have to make some big changes to my diet!

I have had a look at the Verity website but can't afford the subscription at the moment so have just looked through the basic help pages.

I recently bought the Pregnacare Conception tablets along with some Ovulation test kits so hopefully this will help as Doc says I have very low Iron and Foleic Acid. Don't like the idea of acupuncture so will save that one till later!

Good luck x

eurochick Tue 12-Jul-11 17:35:42

You don't have to subscribe to most of the Verity website. I certainly never have and have found the discussion boards over there v useful. There is one specifically for PCOS ladies ttc.

Apparently the ov tests don't work for some PCOSers because our LH levels tend to be all over the place. However, I find they work for me.

If you are having periods every 8-9 days, it's unlikely that an egg would have time to implant as this tends to happen around a week after ovulation. The first thing a gynae should do is to sort out your cycle. Acupucnture is supposed to be good for helping to balance hormones, and it seems to be working for me, but it is not for everyone.

DonnaP86 Wed 13-Jul-11 08:30:46

Ok great, I will have another look through the Verity website then. Have only taken one OV test so far so not sure how well they will work for me.

Waiting for my first gynae appointment to discuss what happens next. As you mentioned eggs wouldn't have time to implant properly so that will be my first question to him/her!

Spoke to the other half about acupuncture and he said he will have it done with me too, glad I have his support!

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