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Second appointment at the fertility clinic

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LisaJayneS Tue 12-Jul-11 09:18:12


I was hoping I could get a bit of advice from you lovely ladies. We have our second appointment at the fertility clinic on Friday and I am writing a list of questions - I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

Our potted history:
- DH and me both 33
- Have DS aged 2.10
- ttc for 18-19 mths now no bfps or anything like that (never tested as af never late)
- went to gp in Jan - did day 21 bloods but apparently did the wrong ones.
- went back again and they did the right bloods (day 21 and day 2-4) and referred DH for SA
- All my bloods came back normal
- DH SA came back reduced motility
- Referred us to fertility unit - first appt in May. They took history and referred me for HSG and DH for a repeat SA
- HSG didn't show anything unusual
- DH SA came back normal but that is only according to the lady on reception, yet to see what consultant says (could have been within 'normal' but low or properly normal I thinking).

So, we have this appointment on Friday and I want to make sure I make the most of it and get as much info as I can. We really want to get the ball rolling on treatment if that is what is needed. I know we'll have to pay ourselves as we already have DS but on that basis would rather get going asap. However, as we'll be paying and will be going private I'm not sure if they have to refer us to a separate private clinic or just do us 'in house'.

So far my list of questions is this:

- Could we have a copy of all the test results so far (in case we're referred externally)
- What is the likely course of action? More tests? IUI? IVF? ICSI?
- What would be the likely timetable for all that?
- What is the likely cost?
- Do I need a repeat smear (someone said you need one often for private referrals)
- Would we be at a separate clinic or at the hospital still? I have a feeling there might BE a private clinic at the hospital too but need to check that out.

ALSO - one final question. Does anyone have any experience of private health insurance and this process? Is ANYTHING covered? Might get DH to give them a call and ask.

Apologies for the MAMMOTH post but if anyone has any advice it would be most gratefully received.

Lisa xx

LisaJayneS Tue 12-Jul-11 11:29:59

Bump - any ideas from anyone?

mrsden Tue 12-Jul-11 11:44:53

Hi lisa

It might be worth you asking them to explain both SA results in detail. The numbers might be good on the second one but what does motility and morphology look like? It depends on what the sperm is like as to whether IUI will be likely to work. For my DH's latest SA they did something where they washed them and then looked at them again 24hrs later, this showed motility was much reduced but on the first day motility looked really good. You might want to ask if there are any lifestyle changes you could make that might improve quality too so that you can get them in the best possible condition for any future treatments. Hope it all goes ok and you get the answers you want!

LisaJayneS Tue 12-Jul-11 11:46:51

Thanks smile

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