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The "2 week crazy symptom spotting, fertility friend chart staring, dpo counting, boob prodding wait".

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MeconiumHappens Mon 11-Jul-11 22:53:25

Bah, thought i was all chilled out about it this time, but now at 7dpo its gotten the better of me and i am randomly symptom spotting left right and centre. Today saw a baby with a really cheesy cord and felt a bit nauseas- preggo! Then after lunch was sat in the sun and felt a bit snoozy- preggo! then when i got home was really thirsty (prob complete lack of drinking whilst at work?!) oh no, must be preggo!

Fgs i am a sane, rational woman except for two weeks in four!

Readynow Tue 12-Jul-11 15:58:51

A fellow crazy symptom spotter!! grin I am currently 4 dpo & already thinking "I could be preggers" as I have a slight niggle in my side & a headache! grin

MrsHY1 Tue 12-Jul-11 16:15:42

Ladies, I feel your pain! Readynow - am also 4dpo and going nuts with my symptom spotting - it was my first cycle on an increased dose of Clomid and it went unmonitored - and from twinges in both sides around ovulation and since I'm thinking that I may have released an egg from each side!

I have an added complication in that I spot for a good 4-5 days before AF, so as well as faithfully charting my BBT, prodding my boobs and randomly stroking my abdomen (just in case), I have also developed an unhealthy interest in the contents of my toilet tissue post-wipe. But thinking about it, in the never ending quest for EWCM I have a pretty unhealthy interest in my secretions all month round.


Readynow Tue 12-Jul-11 16:30:26

I'm with you on the obsession with my CM! blush

sprinkles77 Tue 12-Jul-11 19:15:22

oooh, can I join? 8 dpo according to CBFM. Had an unprovoked wave of nausea earlier and had mild twingey cramps. Implanting? Seriously thinking I might POAS. But should wait a week..

MeconiumHappens Tue 12-Jul-11 21:37:51

Readdy could be an egg negotiating it was through the tube?!
mrsH twins i believe are in order....lots of symptoms to spot in that case ;)
I am also an avid cm i am 8dpo and have had a bit of pinky cm, am praying its implantation and not spotting pre af. I do seem to spot for a couple of days before af but usually browny stuff (sorry!) but today is pinky stuff just on wiping. I have no other rational symptoms. I have been a bit grumpy and emotional--but i think DH has just been extra frigging annoying today-- so maybe thats something.
sprinkles im also eying up the internet cheapies but every fibre of my rational brain is saying dont do it, so this morning i ran and did a wee quickly before non rational brain talked me into poas! Im now rationalising that if i am implanting today it takes a couple of day to show up on a stick so not point weeing tomorrow, alhough of course i really want to!

Moffit Wed 13-Jul-11 10:52:04

Ladies, I am with you on this one! Going Crazy here, waiting this month. Am 11 dpo, was going to test Saturday, but its my DH Birthday on Sunday, so think I might wait until then, so the positive test will be a nice Birthday surprise!? But we are going to a wedding on Saturday and not sure whether to drink...........oh what to do?

Peaceport Wed 13-Jul-11 15:43:22

I think I start to get brain addled in the last week. Feels good to know I'm not alone in my private cm obsession. 8dpo and wishing nausea upon myself/making my boobs sore with poking etc etc

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