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TTC after Subtotal Thyroidectomy

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lauraloo09 Mon 11-Jul-11 15:17:21

Hiya just looking for advice

was wondering if anyone could tell me if having a subtotal thyroidectomy could cause difficulty in conceiving? I had a subtotal thyroidectomy back in November due to a massive cyst growing on my thyroid however after the surgery I was not placed on any medication as the thyroid gland left was working fine. I came off the Pill back in march and have not had a period since, although I have been cramping etc as if AF is starting, last month I had some spotting (I think) it kinda looked like a mini show being reddish mucus for for tmi!

I am just geeting really frustrated and confused and grateful for any info/advice


ciwi Mon 11-Jul-11 16:14:34

Sorry, can't offer you any great advice except maybe get your thyroid function checked again to make sure it is still working ok? If it is I can't see why it would affect things and if it's not then correcting your levels would sort any potential problems out. You should probably get it checked anyway given your history as any thyroid problems should be sorted out before you get pg. Good luck x

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