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Will spotting prevent me conceiving?

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heatherbee36 Mon 11-Jul-11 14:07:43

I have been driving myself crazy worrying about this issue. I have posted before and have been trying to conceive for over 6 months now. I have had tests and an ultrasound and all seems normal. No one can seem to explain to me why I experience spotting (3 dpo and up to 10 days before AF)

What is the spotting?

will it prevent an egg successfully implanting?

are there any spotters on here that have successfully conceived naturally?

Sorry to be so direct - having a bad day and can't find concrete answers to these questions (GP says it's quite normal for a lot of women)

blush thank you for your time ladies xx

RightUpMyRue Mon 11-Jul-11 14:09:53

Have you/the GP ruled out a cervical erosion?

peapop Mon 11-Jul-11 14:34:34

Hi heather sorry you're having a bad day. I'm currently 4 months in ttc#1 and also suffer from spotting, mine is anything from 3-7 days before af due.

My GP told me it was nothing to worry about, I've been getting positive opks so he said that's what I should be concentrating on, he said spotting like this is quite normal. I have had swabs and a check on my cervix to rule out any infection (still waiting on results) but GP said to only be concerned if spotting happened during the month or after sex, basically when you aren't expecting it to be followed by af.

I've heard vitamin b6 can help with spotting, I've only just started taking it this cycle so can't really say if its true but might be worth a try. Also progesterone cream after ovulation but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Fx for you smile

ciwi Mon 11-Jul-11 14:46:30

Hi, I have been to see my GP about this recently and she said its related to ovulation something about the change in hormones around this time being similar to the change in hormones before AF is due causing your body to shed a tiny bit of the lining. It doesn't stop you getting pg, I do get positive opk's around the same time. Do you think you are ovulating?

heatherbee36 Mon 11-Jul-11 15:32:21

Hi ladies, thank you so much for your replies smile My GP is going to test for cervical erosion this week! I have also started taking 50mg B6 daily to see if that helps and Agnus Castus up to ovulation. I appear to be ovulating normally (around CD 12-14) as am using OPK's and this all seems ok. What particularly concerns me is that I am experiencing all the pmt symptoms, cramping, very sore boobs, bad knees and spells of very low mood so soon after I ovulate that I don't see how implantation can take place if my bodies gearing up for AF so eagerly and early on sad confused

That's interesting ciwi re the change in hormones. I think I'm going to really have it out with my GP this week while I'm feeling so firey! angry

Thanks again ladies! xx

Any more spotters out there?

heatherbee36 Mon 11-Jul-11 15:35:22

oh, peapop, I found a link to this progesterone cream smile

Lollyheart Mon 11-Jul-11 15:39:47

The first month I had my implant out I had a mid cycle bleed, I've never had it before so thought there was no chance I was pregnant, a few days later I got a bfp so it is poss to get pregnant if you spot, I'm 30+ 1 now smile

heatherbee36 Tue 12-Jul-11 13:23:47

Congratulations Lollyheart! smile thank you for sharing your experience- it gives me hope!

I have just returned from the docs and It took for me to break down to get her to take me seriously.

She is going to look more closely at my hormone issues and has suggested that it is worth considering a one off private consultation with a fertility specialist with Bupa- this will allow a more in depth analysis of my cycle and lengthy periods of spotting.

She says it will cost around £150 and she will write the referal letter straight away. We would have to contact Bupa ourselves to set up an appointment. This has helped me relax a little as I feel my GP has reached her limit with what to suggest as my progesterone levels seem fine and I appear to be ovulating normally.

My GP still can't tell my WHY I spot though! sigh

ciwi Tue 12-Jul-11 13:57:14

heatherbee I have just got my bfp this month too despite the spotting and even a little bleed mid cycle! So it can definately happen. do you stop swi when spotting? If so then try to swi despite it and it may work for you. I still suppose its worth seeing a specialist as £150 isn't a great deal of money but just something to bear in mind while you wait x

heatherbee36 Wed 13-Jul-11 08:10:11

Congratulations ciwi! smile smile Wow - that is wonderful news and does give me so much hope! Yes, you're right, it would be £150 well spent if only to give a little peace of mind!

We do swi right through the spotting - will just keep going and keep everything crossed! (well - nearly everything!!) wink

PieMistress Wed 13-Jul-11 08:39:36

I used to spot for a few days post AF, and occasionally mid-cycle (but it wasn't ovulation spotting as was too early). I started taking conception multi vits that have all the B vitamins (incl B6) and, fingers crossed, it seems to have helped. I got a bfp that month but then sadly miscarried. But, I have heard really good things about B6 helping with your cycle/spotting/hormones x

ciwi Wed 13-Jul-11 10:11:19

Good luck heatherbee xxx

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