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FSH test...when to have it?

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Ruggettee Mon 11-Jul-11 09:53:39

Basically, I have to have a FSH test and have been told it must be on day 2-4 of my cycle.

I started my period today and am working at the hospital where it needs to be done. But then the next 3 days (CD2-4) I'm not and it's a flipping pain trying to get here to get it done!

Do you think I could do it today (CD1) or Friday (CD5) or should I figure it to come back on the proper day?


AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 11-Jul-11 11:27:54

It should ideally be done between days 2 and 4 but day 5 won't make any difference to the overall result.

FSH though should not be tested in isolation; they should also be checking your LH level at the same time as FSH. Your level of LH should be compared against that of FSH. These two hormones kickstart the ovulation process; if ovulation is awry then both of these levels will be affected.

Aworryingtrend Mon 11-Jul-11 11:58:02

Just to echo Attila, I was also told between days 2 and 4.

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