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Hello! About to start TTC

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missuswife Mon 11-Jul-11 01:43:05

Hi there, I'm new to mumsnet and thought I'd introduce myself instead of just lurking. My DH and I got married in September and have put off TTC due to various reasons, and have finally decided to go for it. I can't wait to get through my last two weeks of bcp's so we can start!

Anyway a little about me...we were living on a canal boat and do not make very much money, but we get by. We recently moved back onto dry land and flatshare with a close friend. We finally decided that there would never be a perfect time to have our first baby, so we are going to try.

thelittlefriend Mon 11-Jul-11 12:58:50

so true that there is never a perfect time. Good luck & enjoy ttc!

CosmicMouse Mon 11-Jul-11 13:10:05

Yup, never a perfect time. First time round we vowed that once we went from "There is no way ever that this could work ever" to "Maaaaaaaaybe? Could this work?" then we'd go for it. We did, we got pregnant and it's been wonderful and a lot easier than we thought it might be.

Now back for more and have just decided to go for #2 in a very similar style!

Good luck!

babyonbord Mon 11-Jul-11 15:12:32

theres never an ideal time to have a baby , it wasn't exactly ideal when i got pregnant (id only been with my dh about 8 months and we had only just moved into our new house that needed a lot of work my dh wanted to buy a project that he could do up himself, so far he is currently taking up the nursery floor to rewire it for me and i'm due tommorrow yikes, people who wait till "the right time" run a huge risk of not having children. Mind you me and my dh are impulsive, it was a case of "shall we buy a house?" and we bought the first one we looked at then "lets get a dog the next day we were on our way to buy one (we ended up with 2) then it was shall we have a baby? yeah why not 2 weeks later i was holding a positive pregnancy test and it's all worked out.

missuswife Fri 05-Aug-11 00:30:37

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. I'm off the pill and we are finally TTC. I'm ovulating now so maybe there will be some good news in the next few weeks.

1sttimetryer Mon 08-Aug-11 20:46:11

Just wanted to say good luck smile

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