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Is anyone else waiting to TTC?

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Kayzr Sun 10-Jul-11 20:39:26

We are waiting til about this time next year. But I am feeling stupidly broody and it is driving me mad. We get married on 3rd May 2012 so we have got to wait until after then.

I had a MC in January and before then I wasn't broody at all. I'd go ahhhh over friends scan pictures and babies etc but didn't want one of my own. Now I think well what if?

So is anyone else waiting and how do you get it out of your mind?

missuswife Mon 11-Jul-11 01:36:05

I know how you feel. We got married in September 2011 and have been waiting due to our circumstances and weird living arrangements. We were living on a canal boat and now lodge in a friend's flat. We finally have decided to go for it, but I still have two weeks left of my bcp's to finish before we can start.

UnfortunatelyNotAMummy Mon 11-Jul-11 13:18:16

I got married last July. I'd really like a baby now but my husband doesn't so I'm going to get the implant on Wednesday sad I'm pretty gutted.

He said he does want a baby but just not now but I'm worried that the 3 years of the implant will pass and he still won't want one. Hopefully he'll decide before then he does want one and I can get it removed. We shall see.

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