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1st doc appointment, what to say? what tests to ask for?

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sunnyg Sun 10-Jul-11 19:58:23

Hello Ladies
This week DH & I have our 1st doc appointment (GP). TTC bub 1 for almost 2 years now and I'm 34. I know we should have gone sooner, but having just moved back to the UK, it's been tricky. I've heard that some gp's are better than others, so I'd love some advice on what to say, what tests to ask for to ensure we can move forward with this pretty pronto. How can I prepare for this as it's taken 2 weeks just to get an appointment so I want to make sure we don't waste a second of the appointment. Have only been to this surgery once before and that was just to register, so have not yet established a 'relationship' with any particular gp. Besides having to wait 2 weeks to get in was happy to take the first appointment/gp I could.
Many thanks in advance!

browneyesblue Sun 10-Jul-11 20:30:03

I can't really help with what tests to ask for, but I was in a similar situation.

I was 34, and DH & I had been TTC for about 7 months (so not overly long). I went to my GP for a bit of a chat, and to see if I should be doing anything (other than the obvious!), as I had a history of undiagnosed stomach pains, heavy periods, etc.

I told him what we had been doing to improve our chances, and he suggested referring me to the Reproductive medicine unit at UCLH. He told me that he was referring me even though it hadn't been over a year because I would probably have to wait a few months before the appointment came through. He definitely took a proactive approach, for which I was grateful.

When the appointment came through, DH and I had a number of fairly routine tests - I guess it is those that you want to ask your GP about. I wish I could remember better what they were, but they included semen analysis and blood tests to check egg reserves.

Maybe it would be helpful to check online and see if there is a Reproductive medicine unit (or similar) in your area, as there might be more specific information about referrals on the hospital website.

Good luck smile

NatznNutmeg Sun 10-Jul-11 20:39:58

Hi SunnyG,

I have just started down this route too-
Like BrowneyesBlue I went to see the doc quite early - cos I have endometriosis so was prepared I might have some issues...
The doctor was really fab and the nurse I saw knew exactly what to test for- They have a check list on their computer and it ranges from hormone checking (to check if you're ovulating) to things like under active thyroid and sexually transmitted dieases etc - They took a fair whack of blood! You have to have your bloods done within 3 days of you starting your period and then they'll work out when they think you'll be ovulating so you can have bloods taken then (sadly for me my cycles range from 33 days to so far the longest is 51! so I was going for blood tests ever other day or so after 26 days)
Hubby also had a sperm test.

I know you say you don't have a relationship with them yet but I'd like to say just trust them- They really know what they're doing especially if you say its been 2 years!!!!

Our next step is me on the waiting list to have some dye inserted in me (yuk!) incase I have fuzzy blocked tubes sad but have to wait til September to even make the first appointment sad

Good Luck! I know how you are feeling so my thoughts are with you! xx

Aworryingtrend Mon 11-Jul-11 12:03:29

Hi there

Try to give them as much info as you can- eg what are your cycle lengths, are they regular etc. I have long and irregular cycles so the first thing they did was refer me for an ultrasound scan. Then I had blood tests to check:

I am now having these re-done. DH is also having a sperm analysis done this week.

Keziahhopes Mon 11-Jul-11 17:50:11

Hi - whilst your gp may refer you straight to hospital to see a gynaecologist they can order blood tests straight away to move things along. Some gp's don't refer till they have done tests, in case there is a physical reason for not becoming pregnant that they need to refer elsewhere for (eg endocrinology).

My Gp ordered:
Full Blood Count
Recent Smear
STI tests (at same time as smear - I told him not necessary, Gp said no clinic will treat without this test especially chlymdia. I refused the STI swab then 1yr later when needing IVF had to have it done specially, grrrr.... lesson learnt!)
A Semen Analysis for husband, to go and do at local Fertility Unit at Hospital.

I had FSH and LH (day 3 test of cycle and another blood test 7 days post ovulation) done twice.

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