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Ovarian cyst

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bebemad Sun 10-Jul-11 17:09:08

I think i have an ovarian cyst (not confirmed by the dr had them before so I know i have one, very sore breasts, trouble going to the loo, tired) is there anything i can do to speed up getting the cyst to go?
I should be starting clomid this cycle (sods law I get a cyst after waiting ages to start another round of fertility treatment) so i am dying to start AF

sunshinesue Sun 10-Jul-11 18:45:04

I've got one and the dr's are waiting to see if it disappears on its own and if not I'll need surgery. I've been having acupunture, mainly for getting over a mc and getting ready to ttc again but we're hoping it will help shrink the cyst too. It's early days but I'll let you know how I get on.

blacktreaclecat Sun 10-Jul-11 19:33:00

You should get a scan before you take the clomid; you can't take it with a cyst.
I had one earlier in the year and had a cycle of the pill and it went.
Back on clomid now so only a short delay of 2 cycles.

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