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Could some experienced charter people come look for me?

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undertheboredwalk Thu 07-Jul-11 15:19:58

New to charting, only on my second month and a confused. chart is here Last month lp was only 11 days so am past that now, I thought period was coming yesterday because of drop and then again today but still no sign of it and I dont feel like it's coming. Tested this morning and was neg. Anybody any insight? Is it usual for it to drop for a while before period comes? Does the drop matter if it doesnt go below the line? Am a bit clueless! confused

eurochick Thu 07-Jul-11 15:47:31

I would say that you will probably get your period tonight/tomorrow fromlooking at your chart. At least that is what would happen if it were my chart!

havealittlefaithbaby Thu 07-Jul-11 18:16:52

I usually have a drop for two days and then af comes. Hth.

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