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faint line on opk 11dpo

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ciwi Thu 07-Jul-11 11:33:22

I am 11dpo and checked an opk this morning (I don't have a hpt in the house) and there was a faint 2nd line. Has anyone else had this and turned out to be pg? I know i am clutching at straws but I can't get a hpt until tonight and I am just trying to pass the time wondering if this 2nd line on an opk means anything or not. (I don't usually get a second line unless I am ov'ing but I have never done an opk in the 2nd part of my cycle before)
BTW I do realise I am being extremely obsessive - lol

OracleInaCoracle Thu 07-Jul-11 11:37:03

11dpo is too early to test and faint lines on opks dont actually mean anything.

retest with a hpt in 3 days.

good luck though

helenlouisey Thu 07-Jul-11 13:37:17

Sadly it's probably too early to tell, you will usually get a faint line of an OPK through most of your cycle. Although OPK s can be used as a pregnancy test it only shows a positive when the line is as dark or darker than the control line, so very different from a pregnancy test when any line, however faint, is a positive result, take a look on as it explains it much better. Doesn't mean you're not pregnant, I did an OPK at 12 DPO, and same as you got a faint line, and 2 days later got very very strong positive, so I then went an got a proper pregnancy test and it was indeed positive. However 2 months previously I did the same thing, an OPk at 13DPO and got faint positive and thought I was pregnant but wasn't sad

ciwi Thu 07-Jul-11 14:04:48

Thanks girls, I was just wondering and driving myself mad in the 2ww. I have really tender boobs and feel really tired but it's so easy to imagine things isn't it? I suppose I just need to wait and see. Wish you could know as soon as you concieved but then knowing me i would want to know even sooner -lol
I am now going to step away from the opk's although they have helped my poas addiction

OracleInaCoracle Thu 07-Jul-11 14:14:53

ciwi, the odds of getting an accurate result early are shockingly poor. and could you cope with getting a bfp at 12dpo, then your period starting at 14dpo? because that happens far more often than we realise.

waiting will not make you any less pg, and wont change the result, so unless there is a medical reason that you need to know asap (and there are genuinely very, very few) please sit on your hands.

start a hpt fund, and put the money into that. if your period comes you havent lost anything, and you will need the extra cash for when you get your baby.

ciwi Thu 07-Jul-11 14:36:18

lissie I know you are giving good advice and I am really trying to wait till Sunday. I lost my 1st baby at 24 weeks and suffered a mmc since then so I know I am very obsessed and even if I got a positive I would worry it was a chemical. I promised myself I would not be like this this time round but lo and behold here I am stressing myself out again. I suppose I just want things to work out so much. you are right though, i don't need the upset of a chemical on top of everything else. Thanks for your advice x

OracleInaCoracle Thu 07-Jul-11 14:38:41

Im sorry about your losses, and fwiw, I used to test early too. been ttc for 6y with 13 mc's and an ep. but Ive come to the conclusion that its just not worth it.

good luck, I hope you get it soon x

ciwi Thu 07-Jul-11 14:51:46

lissie I am sorry to hear the struggle you have been through and I am very sorry to hear of your losses. You are right, it's not worth it and for the sake of a few days it doesnt affect the outcome. I am also very aware that a bfp doesnt mean you will get a baby at the end of it either. I have an underactive thyroid so would need to know fairly early but there is no need for me to know before af is due.
I wish you lots of luck in the future and i hope you get your baby soon x

freelancegirl Thu 07-Jul-11 17:35:31

Oooh, am 11dpo and am planning to test tomorrow on a first response. It will be cd26 so so am hoping it will be ok. Sorry for your losses too. I also Jane thyroid probs and am on steroids for ridiculously high nk cells. I realise am testing early but if I get a positive I have to double my dosage. If it's negative I will do another one in a couple of days and then go off the steroids. What brand did you test with Ciwi? Don't people say that a line is a line...? But I guess others are right in pointing out it could be a chemical of course and that would be upsetting. But hey, I don't know about you but I am seeing this as game of two halves, first we have to get pregnant and then we have to bloody well keep it. Unfortunately I just see getting pregnant as the first step and not necessarily meaning am going to have a baby. Ah, what pregnancy loss takes away from us, hey. This been my first ever month of charting and therefore my first proper 2ww and wow, it's madness!! So a first response for me tomorrow it is. I dont feel pregant though...

freelancegirl Thu 07-Jul-11 17:36:23

Jane thyroid?! Who the hell is she..? Stupid iPhone.

ciwi Thu 07-Jul-11 17:43:39

free i tested with an ov test and not a pg test so a line is not a line in that instance. I know I am stupid but its just nice to see 2 lines even if they dont mean anything - lol. It was an ic too x
Think if I am my thyroxine needs to go up is that right?

freelancegirl Thu 07-Jul-11 17:57:44

Lol! Are you getting a proper test later? Yes I increased mine by 25mcg last time to 150. Tbh I think I went a bit over active though so this time will get more frequent tests. Tsh around 1 is good for me.

ciwi Thu 07-Jul-11 21:01:18

trying to hold off till af is due on sunday. are you going to test? how often do you get your thyroid levels tested? I dont think I have actually been diagnosed underactive but I have sub clinical hypothyroidism. am on thyroxine though because i am ttc

freelancegirl Thu 07-Jul-11 21:57:14

I am going to test..... tomorrow morning. Am very scared. I think in a way I would rather not get pregnant this month if I could only guarantee I would get there next month. But it doesn't work like that of course. One more month to adjust after mc would be good. But it's one of those things I feel I have to get on with - do you?

I have lived with thyroid problems since I was 21, I was slim, fit and healthy and put on 3 stone in 6 weeks! I've managed to lose that now (until putting on an annoying 10lbs) after mc, and generally keep my thyroid under control. I have been able to monitor it myself to a certain text, I get a prescription for a lot of thyroxin in 25mcg dosages so I can take either 100 or 125 depending on how I feel or how my thyroid levels look after a blood test. Right now I only get tests when i feel the need to check (pre-preg this was on average 3 times a year) but I think when (when!) pregnant again I will plump for every two weeks.

It's not the thyroid levels that are the problem with me now it is the high thyroid antibodies. If you have these you are far more likely to miscarriage. Have you had yours checked?

ciwi Fri 08-Jul-11 09:33:23

Hi good luck testing, let me know how you get on. I know that I will always be worried about falling pg again but I really want a baby I can take home so I know there is no way round it really. There will never be a time that I think I am definately ready so will just go with the flow.
My thyroid antibodies were slightly high but this is the case in the vast majority of people with hypothyroidism (based on what I have read) and lots of hypothyroid people have successful pregnancies. I know it is worrying but I also know that sometimes these things just happen and if it does it does, I have spent my last 2 pregnancies worried sick and it doesn't help things even when they do go wrong. I am determined this time round (whether it be this month or in a few months) that I am going to be positive and hope for the best and stay away from google - lol. I have discussed steroid treatment but both myself and the consultant feel like I don't need it just yet. I have got to 24 weeks before and I really hope I can get there and beyond in the future. it is good to know that there are more options out there if i need them though. Sorry for the massive post! Lots of luck with your testing xxx

freelancegirl Fri 08-Jul-11 11:11:33

I can't imagine what it must have been like to have a loss at 24 weeks. Did they come up with any reason for it. But yes you are right, if we want to have a baby we have to be brave and just go through it. Oh, I tested negative btw on a first response. Going to give it a couple of days and do another one just to make sure then come off the steroids, until next ovulation. What a palaver... Some people just get pregnant and have a baby! Let me know how it goes with you xx

ciwi Fri 08-Jul-11 12:08:29

It is quite honestly the worst thing that has ever happened to me and i hope the worst that ever will. the past 8 months have been a terrible struggle but starting to feel more positive now. I had pre eclampsia which is also linked to immune issues. I take baby aspirin now anyway in case i fall pg and I have been told that in a second pregnancy with the same partner its less likely to happen as severely as your body kind of recognises the foreign DNA. I am hoping that is the case. I feel like I have so much to worry about that I just shut down and don't think about it, i think thats the only way i can get through the whole journey without losing my mind!
Sorry about the bfn, hope it turns positive in the next couple of days x

freelancegirl Fri 08-Jul-11 12:20:16

The thought makes me shiver.

It's all such a bloody trial isn't it. It's been a hard few months here too. I don't think friends can really relate so it is good to meet people on here who can do.

Gosh that is a really good point about whether the second time with the same partner is a bit better, being that the body might recognise the DNA!! I have to ask Mr S that!

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