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IVF frustrations - will we ever get there?!

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jumpingjackhash Thu 07-Jul-11 10:03:24

OK, was meant to have first appointment with a consultant to start ICSI yesterday, but due to a useless (sealed, so stupidly didn't read) referral letter from an apparently inept GP we ended up just seeing someone about DH's sperm, who had no clue we were there for ICSI or anything (no notes sent by doc or requested it seems).

We've already been through various appointments and had a battery of tests to kick-start things (both me and DH), so this was incredibly frustrating to find we've effectively taken a considerable step back and now need to wait for an ICSI appointment to eventually get the ball rolling.

I ended up having to reign in a full-on strop at the hospital, pointing out to the doctor we saw that we were expecting it to be an ICSI-led appointment and insisting that he referreed us to a colleague who could start the process for us. Then pointed this out again to the admissions woman, who just shrugged.

DH fails to see that I'm simply frustrated with the lack of progress and thinks I'm blaming him, so in turn is stropping at me.

I was really looking forward to yesterday's appointment as it was meant to represent progress following what has been a really long and tough time TTC (I'd even allowed myself to imagine being pregnant by Christmas!), now I just feel frustrated and disappointed sad.

Sorry for the long rant, just need to get it off my chest! Any tips or reassurance about this bloody long rollercoaster of a process gratefully received.

Similarly, please feel free to share any frustrations of your own - consider it therapy! wink

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