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Anyone else have a Duofertility Monitor?

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LisaJayneS Thu 07-Jul-11 08:48:21

Any good or bad thoughts? We have one and I'm trying to make my mind up if I think it might have been a great big waste of money!

Lisa xx

eurochick Thu 07-Jul-11 11:36:50

I looked at it and don't see the advantages over my £3 BBT thermometer and Fertility Friend personally.

AriaOnAir Sun 10-Jul-11 23:21:51

The one thing my consultant tells me is the only to truly tell when you are ovulating is to chart. I tried this and it was disasterous!! My husband hated it - made it far too scientific for him and put him off and I have to get up at all different times so it didn't work for me so the idea of it almost being all done for you (and subtley i.e. not lying in bed with a big thermometer in your mouth with your husband terrified you're going to pounce on him any minute!) is really appealing.

LisaJayneS Mon 11-Jul-11 06:29:36

Yes - I tried charting and found it a bit of a faff! I would say though that it doesn't confirm when you've ov'd for about 6 days afterwards so useful for finding a pattern but not so good for using it to plan your days. It says it will give you your fertile days and I am assuming that after a while it will base this on historical cycles but so far (3 cycles in) it always assumes my most fertile day will be CD14 even though actually it seems to vary a few days either way.

I keep wondering if I'd do better testing hormones a la clearblue fertility monitor?

lalabaloo Wed 13-Jul-11 18:54:33

Please let us know how you get on with the duofertility monitor, i'm considering getting one at some point. We've been TTC for 7 months, DH says we can get one if we go past 1 year TTC

LisaJayneS Wed 13-Jul-11 19:31:35

So far I think it depends what you want it for. I already had pretty regular cycles and I'm not entirely sure how it has really helped us. I think if we had just stuck to SWI say every other day for most of my cycle we would have probably been doing as good a job.

I liked the idea that it helps you to plan fertile days and confirms ovulation but it only confirms ov about 6 days after the event. If you're not sure you're ov'ing then that would be good I guess. However, this month it told me I had ov'd so we kept going for a few days, then started to ease off a bit, and then it changed its mind and decided I hadn't ov'd after all. Now if we hadn't had it at all we would just have kept going I think. In many ways it just gives me something else to obsess over.

If you want to chart temps it is certainly a lot easier as it takes all the temps for you. So on the back of the 3 cycles we've done so far with it I know can estimate my LP etc and refer back to data. However, we are still notably not pg and are now 18 mths in (to ttc, 3 mths in to Duo).

I think it is useful for recording data but I think I thought it would somehow be magic in predicting my dates (because I'm desperate for something magic to happen after 18 mths ttc no 2). For the money I am not sure it was worth it for us. You do get access to their support line which is staffed by knowledgeable and helpful people. However, we are also going through referrals to the fertility clinic so have experts there too.

Does that help at all? If you have any other questions ask away!

Lisa xx

lalabaloo Thu 14-Jul-11 23:41:58

Thanks for all the info, I think I probably won't get one right now because we haven't been TTC for hugely long yet, although I would probably get one before I made a Doctors appt (so probably at the 1 year mark?) It's quite confusing because like you I just want something to say "Now is the time!" rather than have to guess and guess. I started charting this month though and I have found that helpful, I think I just like something to focus my thought onto to be honest, as otherwise I find the month drags on. I would like one, but it is a lot of money. I like the sound of the guarantee though. Can you add other information (like OPK results) to the data it collects to get a fuller picture? x

LisaJayneS Fri 15-Jul-11 06:11:13

Yes you can - there are various other things to record such as ov pain, EWCM, illness and disturbed sleep etc and then 2 'user defined' things.

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