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Has anyone tried home/self-insemination? Any success?

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MissLHoneychurch Wed 06-Jul-11 01:05:14

Hello Mumsnet lovelies! I am relatively new to the site, and am very grateful to all who have welcomed me and shared their personal insight, stories, heartbreaks and successes. My OH and I live apart during the week, which has posed some difficulty in TTC. In addition, he is so tired from work that DTD is great any other time of the month, but he can't finish when I'm ovulating (sorry TMI). We read online about self-insemination and are willing to try anything. I wonder how successful it is and if anyone has any experiences, tips, etc. they could share. We want a baby so badly. Thank you all in advance!

Oh, I'm 37, TTC my first, "trying" for the past 3 months.

MissusL Wed 06-Jul-11 07:37:26

I have a friend who did this, however situation was a little bit different as she was in a civil partnership with her girlfriend. But she had a friend who was willing to donate sperm and they just waited until she was most fertile, rang him up, he did what he had to do and took it over to her, and she then self inseminated. It worked first time both times, but this could have been due to the freshness of the sperm. HTH

havealittlefaithbaby Wed 06-Jul-11 19:50:42

We do it when DH is feeling under pressure to perform. Actually only done it once, that was this cycle but then.suddenly he had an increased sex drive so we've had plenty of swi later on! I've heard of quite a few people successful with this method though. There's a website here that may be a useful starting point for you.

SlightlyBabyCrazed Wed 06-Jul-11 19:54:43

Hi, this is all too common a problem. I have just ordered some softcups today......
What I have found makes a big difference is to hide the specifics from DH, ifhe doesn't know it is the crucial days in the month he doesn't have the performance anxiety!

Will be interested to see if there are any nuggets of wisdom given here to help!

Rosemallow Wed 06-Jul-11 19:59:56

Similar story to missusL. Friend of mine in civil partnership, gay male friend donated - she got pregnant first time and now has a beautiful little boy. This was 'fresh' as well so don't know if that was why.

MissLHoneychurch Wed 06-Jul-11 23:41:04

Thank you all for the info! The plan is to try this weekend - DTD or try the self-insemination...we'll see. Fingers crossed it works! If I have any advice after trying this I will certainly share! Best of luck to everyone!

hester Wed 06-Jul-11 23:45:11

Yes and yes (the result is now 5 years old).

The key is to use the sperm quickly but not immediately. It should be liquefying (sperm starts glutinous then gets more liquid) but you want to use it within 30 minutes of ejaculation.

Yogurt pot, 5ml syringe, bob's your uncle.

You did intend to use fresh sperm, I take it? Because if you wanted to save sperm for later use, that's a whole different ballgame.

MissLHoneychurch Fri 08-Jul-11 03:28:48

hello hester...thank you for the advice! Yes, the plan is to use fresh sperm. But I didn't think about the timing of using it. That makes a lot of sense. Fingers crossed!

Rosemallow Fri 08-Jul-11 22:46:44

Good luck missL!

Rhubarbgarden Sat 09-Jul-11 08:14:29

My lovely little niece is the result of this method. I don't know the specifics but I do know it didn't take them long, if that is any encouragement. Good luck!

EffinNell Sat 09-Jul-11 08:18:17

I know nothing about this subject so bow to the superior wisdom of those who have experience or have done it but I'm wondering why is it better to wait a bit , surely sperm is delivered immediately (when one has sex) so intuitively I imagine it's better to deliver it to the desired place ASAP?

Good luck MissL. Will you be updating us?

hester Sat 09-Jul-11 21:35:35

It's because sperm comes out gooey, EffinNell, then liquifies rapidly. When you're doing the business the old-fashioned way, you get the projectile force of ejaculation getting it right up your wazoo. When injecting it with a syringe, you don't have that, so it can get a bit stuck in the syringe. Waiting just 5 minutes seems to help. Sperm starts losing potency after 30 minutes, I think, so no harm waiting for 5.

Are you wishing you hadn't asked now? grin

drivingmisscrazy Sat 09-Jul-11 21:42:42

like hester, yes, it does work, we've managed 3 pregnancies this way - if you want more gruesome details then, yes, leave the sperm for about 10 minutes after <sorry> delivery; make sure all receptacles are sterile and have no water anywhere near them. 5 ml syringe is good - we used 10ml (bigger, so keeps more of them in there...); it's a good idea to have an orgasm after insemination (sucks the sperm up, apparently). Are you sure you wanted this much information?

hester Sat 09-Jul-11 23:10:13

It sure brings back memories, drivingmisscrazy grin

drivingmisscrazy Sun 10-Jul-11 06:14:23

doesn't it just, hester? All anonymous chain hotels remind me inevitably of...

hester Sun 10-Jul-11 21:21:50

I can barely look a yogurt pot in the eye. And that distinctive smell will be with me forever...

Sorry, everyone grin

drivingmisscrazy Mon 11-Jul-11 09:42:19

hester! yes, there was an awful sense of deja vu (or other sensory equivalent) second time around - almost like a muscle memory...

Levana Mon 11-Jul-11 13:51:48

Can I ask a delicate question, did you try and aim the syringe at the cervix - as in sort of touch the syringe to the cervix or do you not have to be that precise?

hester Mon 11-Jul-11 14:24:07

A 5ml syringe is pretty small, Levana. So no, I didn't try to reach my cervix with it. Just gave it a good hard squirt and then stuck my legs up for half an hour.

havealittlefaithbaby Mon 11-Jul-11 17:18:44

We've used a 10ml syringe and did the same technique as hester!

Levana Mon 11-Jul-11 17:50:37

thanks, i am going to give this another try. I have a 5ml syringe, I think I did it right from what you are both saying so will have another go tonight.

MissLHoneychurch Mon 18-Jul-11 01:36:27

Hello all! I am trying to be patient - waiting to take a pregnancy test. We ended up trying the old fashioned way, and had success! But the self-insemination is still a possibility if I'm not preggers. I feel a bit crampy, but still hope I may be. I will keep everyone posted! Again, thank you for all the advice! smile

hester Mon 18-Jul-11 10:30:23

Best of luck, MissLH.

whatatip Mon 18-Jul-11 16:47:08

Fingers crossed for you.

MissLHoneychurch Tue 26-Jul-11 02:03:12

Well, pregnancy test was negative and I got my period. I am disappointed...but there is next month. If all works out I'll be fertile over a weekend when the BF is home smile I just hope and pray it works this month.

Has anyone tried acupuncture?

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