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Have you had a negative home test but positive hcg blood test from the doctors?

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yoodle Tue 05-Jul-11 13:34:10

I've started another thread on here as I've had pregnancy symptoms for 3 weeks now, had a light period but negative pregnancy clear blue test.

I have three children and always felt pregnant from 4 weeks, if I am I am almost 7 weeks. So surely I would get a positive on a clear blue even if I did it in the evening? I did the test on Friday gone.

I am dizzy, hungry, spotty, queasy, smells everywhere are driving me mad as well as this metallic taste I normally get. I'm just waiting for my surgery to open after lunch so I can ask for a blood test. But am I wasting peoples time?

I have a few big nights out planned this month after over a year of not going out. If I am of course I dont want to drink. This Sat is a girly night so my friends will be wondering whats wrong with me....

The thought of wine is making me feel funny. Last week I thought maybe I had a virus which was making me feel like this but what else could explain 3 weeks of pregnancy symptoms?

yoodle Tue 05-Jul-11 13:44:44

Just called but my gp had left for the day! So have to call tomorrow.

This waiting and not knowing is so frustrating. I keep telling myself to just assume I am not as the test said neg, but then I either smell something and feel sick or notice the taste in my mouth and start thinking I am not taking folic acid (think I will get some today just in case).

If i go around like I am pregnant then I will have to cancel alot of things coming up and people inc my partner will question me, if I am not pregnant they will think i am mad!

Yesterday I was near someone with slapcheek virus which can harm babies in the early stages and I got all panicked and made my excuses to leave. I cant go around like this.

hiccymapops Tue 05-Jul-11 13:46:43

Can you do another test today?

yoodle Tue 05-Jul-11 13:58:31

I did a bit of reading last night and saw threads on other sites about how home tests did not give them positive tests until months into their pregnancy and only blood tests showed they were positive and some of these people continued to have a few light periods too.

So I wanted to see if anyone on mumsnet experienced the same thing, i've got one more digital clear blue and i did not want to waste it because i only done a test last friday. Are the ebay ones better do you think?

hiccymapops Tue 05-Jul-11 14:04:57

I've only used digital, or Asda ones and they both worked (although with ds2 I was holding it at all angles to the light willing that to be a faint line grin)

If you can't wait until tomorrow, I'd still be tempted to test again.

yoodle Tue 05-Jul-11 14:10:52

i am tempted! if i saved all the money i've spent on tests in the last 8 years I could go abriad tonight ;)

hiccymapops Tue 05-Jul-11 14:23:15

Don't I know, I have a spare digital one here you could have as I started buying double packs when trying for dc 3 (I'm very impatient at waiting to find out grin) alas it will not be needed as dh said he's too old for another (miserable sod)

Hope you find out soon.

willitbe Tue 05-Jul-11 15:15:22

You would be very lucky to convince a doc to do a blood test for you. Most will not for any reason, some might if you have missed two periods. But if you go having just had a light period last time, they will probrably fob you off anyway. They used to do blood tests but not more recently.

My mother and sister both had pregnancies where the urine tests were negative. It can happen, but it is very unusual.

It is possible that you had an annovulatory cycle last time, and that your hormones are a bit confused. If your progesterone is a bit out of whack you will feel pregnant (in the same way as sometimes it is possible to get pregnancy symptoms during the 2ww). An annovulatory cycle is much more common than pregnancy with not positive test.

Another thing is that those who have negative urine tests often have low levels in their blood too. Therefore the hcg quanative test is needed, not just the qualative test.

It is possible that you are pregnant, but you have to decided if you want to alter your plans just in case or go with the more likely situation that you just had a wonky cycle, and go and enjoy yourself. That is a decision only you can make. But going to your GP is likely to be a wasted trip!

yoodle Tue 05-Jul-11 21:10:02

Thanks Willitbe, this is what I love about mumsnet. You learn so much. I have never heard about the above before. I forgot to mention that I had a light period with my first child and only found out when my following period did not come so I was 8 weeks but I did not test until then so not sure if at 4 weeks it would have shown positive. I'll see what she says tomorrow.

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