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Help pleaseeeeee

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Mommafish Tue 05-Jul-11 10:11:46

hi all,
Brand new to this so bear with me lol. Last period was on the 13th June, me
And the partner did the deed and I realised it was around the time
Of ovulation! I am currently due to start my period on the 13th July, however and this is were it gets a tad strange, I had a pos preg test on Thursday last week, however had 3 neg since but I think I'd still be far to early to tell. I don't no if it was a dud test or something! However for the past week iv been getting quite strong symptoms. Every now and then feel a bit queasy, gone
Extremely spotty which doesn't happen till like 2 days before period normally, sensitive breasts. Not hurting just sensitive slightly, and some tummy cramping!

And for the sceptics out there lol I had my tarot cards read on the from y a lady I never met and the first thing she asked was are u preg and she was that convinced by the end of it I was she congratulatede
And wished me luck! I had a spiritual reading (same place diff lady) last yr and she gave me 2 dates 17th July and 17th march, 17 July is fast approaching and would be the time around I find out I'm preg and I would be due the 19th march! She's only ever a few days out and she told me I'd have a boy!
Already have a little stroppy princess turning 2 soon! Doesnt help I'm sooooo impatient lol. Please help! Xxxxxx

TulipChewlip Tue 05-Jul-11 11:51:06

Oooh it sounds very exciting for you smile

I suppose the best thing is to wait it out, well, it's kinda the only thing but it's so frustrating when you just want to know!

Mommafish Tue 05-Jul-11 12:19:03

Ahhhh i know! The days are just going so slowly!
There's a very good chance that i could be so fingers crossed lol smile xxx

Tulipsia Fri 08-Jul-11 09:13:04

Any news? <excited for you and need to hear a success story emoticon> smile

Mommafish Sat 09-Jul-11 20:20:40

No news yet, blood test results on Tuesday so fingers crossed smile boobs have like doubled in size lol and I really bloated out the other day and still seem to be bloated! I'm so impatient lol I just want to know! X

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