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Positive tales of conception with adenomyoma please!

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GenericDietCola Mon 04-Jul-11 22:51:18

I've just been diagnosed with an adenomyoma and I don't know much about the condition yet, so I'm hoping someone can share their experience.

I've recently had a MMC while TTC #2 but I think this was a coincidence and not related to the adenomyoma. I already have a DD and would love another child.

Have been bleeding like a period for 4 weeks and just started on some drugs to stop the bleeding, so am keen to TTC again. Does anyone have experience of this condition or any stories to share?

Many thanks!

GenericDietCola Tue 05-Jul-11 13:29:30

In the interests of fairness, any negative stories would also be appreciated...

GenericDietCola Tue 05-Jul-11 20:00:26

I've read up a bit more... the condition is adenomyosis and I have an adenomyoma (benign tumour) as well. The condition is similar to endometriosis, but the muscle surrounding the uterus grows into the uterus, sometimes forming benign tumours called adenomas.

This is all a bit of a shock to me and something I've never heard of. There seems to be conflicting evidence about whether this affects fertility or not, although my consultant said it shouldn't pose a problem.

My worries are that
1) I'm not ovulating as I'm currently having a long period (4 weeks and counting!)
2) If I did get pregnant the adenomyoma may affect implantation

I think this condition is reasonably common but many women are unaware they have it.

Any experience/knowledge/advice gratefully received. I'm 35 and very keen to have another baby thanks to the recent arrival of my sister's mega cute DS!

GenericDietCola Tue 05-Jul-11 20:03:20

<talks to self>

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