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likelucklove Mon 04-Jul-11 11:43:54

I am ttc baby 1 with my DP, only really actively swi 4 months ago but no luck so far sad

However, I have been feeling the usual symptoms of pregnancy and a couple of people I have spoken to keep on at me to do a test! But I'm scared that if it's a BFN then it's another disappointing month.

I have a doctor's appointment later for registration as we have just moved and they have given me the pee pot. Will they do a pregnancy test there and then, without me saying I am trying?

Thanks! smile

PiggyMad Mon 04-Jul-11 11:53:14

I think the pee pot is to test for diabetes, but you could always ask them to dip a stick in, I suppose. How late is your period? I've heard the doctor's tests aren't very sensitive so a bfp might only show up if your period is late by a few days. I'm no expert though, so no idea really!

likelucklove Mon 04-Jul-11 12:12:56

I never even thought of that! I'm due on tomorrow but never get bad back, tender breasts and sore stomach before so am hoping it's for a special reason! I will do thanks for your help smile

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