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Early pregnancy symptoms????

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Rosepip Mon 04-Jul-11 10:03:36

Hi there - this is only my 2nd posting on here and I had loads of great advice on my first one so here goes!! My last period was 14th June, I started to ovulate 23rd June (cycle usually 29 days but always ovulate bit early!), so hubby and I got down to business weekend and had several nights of baby making smilesmile One week after I ovulated, 30th June, I started getting quite strong menstrual type of cramps which lasted a day and a half. I have also had a slight tingling in my boobs and feel very hormonal!! Could this be a sign that I am pregnant? I have looked online at early pregnancy symptoms and it does point towards that but I am kind of holding my breath and not getting too hopeful. I am 40 and hubby is 44 and we already have 2 gorgeous and healthy children (ages 10 and 6), both of whom were conceived on the first attempt so we are already truly blessed. I can't remember all the early symptoms I had with my other pregnancies and have to wait a 10 days now before I can do a test!!! I would be in shock shock if it has happened so quickly, particularly at my age when there is so much negativity out there for older mums. Fingers crossed!

toni89 Mon 04-Jul-11 16:32:49

hi, its my 1st time posting, just joined, my last period was 5th june and had been using clearblue ovulation tests, i got my smiley face on the 21st, so got to it, ive been getting cramps, feeling sick and boobs hurt alot!! im due my period tomorrow so going to do a test in the morning so fingers crossed! we have been ttc for a year now im 22 and got a beautiful daughter who is 3 and ive had 2 mc's! i wish u the best of luck and hope u get a positive result at the end of ur wait! update me please!

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