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Clomid stressing me out- can anyone help?!!

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joycep Sun 03-Jul-11 21:45:18

hi- I normally ovulate on day 14 or 15 and would always get a positive opk 48hrs before my temp went up. Was put on clomid to I gather increase my Lp from 10/11 days. I did my second month of it this month and AF arrived today about 8dpo and 5 days early. I have never had such a short LP and It seems to have completely messed things up. Since going on clomid I don't get any signs of ovulation, no ewcm, no positive OPKs and now short LP and a much shorter cycle and a very different AF flow to usual.

Does anyone have any explanation to why this has happened. Just at my wits end with all this has it seems to be making situation worse!!

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 03-Jul-11 22:01:56

Why was clomid prescribed to you initially?. If it was to actually increase your luteal phase it may not work for you.

You should also be monitored whilst on it - no monitoring is bad practice as you then do not know whether its working or not.

Its main and only purpose is to make the ovaries work harder; it is usually given to women with ovulatory problems. It should not be prescribed unless there is definative proof that ovulation is not happening regularly. If ovulation is indeed happening regularly (as proven by regular blood tests showing that ovulation has occured) then taking clomid can have a temporary but reverse effect.

joycep Sun 03-Jul-11 23:31:50

Attila - thanks for coming back to me. I ovulate every month thats why i found it confusing being put on it. My progesterone levels were normal but on the low side according to gynae and i was told i needed some tweaking for slightly short LP. I have been scanned every month whilst on it and was injected with ovitrelle as well. Its interesting that you say it could have a reverse effect. I haven't been comfortable taking it although my gynae says it is perfectly safe but since it has shortened my LP so much I don't think I will take iT tomorrow for next cycle. I don't like going against the gynae advice but when it starts doing the opposite to what it's suppose to, this has concerned me somewhat.

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