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Feeling pregnant for over a couple of weeks now but tests negative?

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yoodle Sun 03-Jul-11 21:19:10

This month I had a really light periods which is unlike me, 16 days after I had this light period and have had pregnancy symptoms for 20 days now I tested neg.

But I just feel pregnant! What is going on? I am not ttc so know I am not wishing myself pregnant.

I just feel exhausted, metallic taste is now driving me insane, gone a bit spotty which normally happens and the big one for me which happens everytime i'm pregnant is I poo three times a day not loose but actually feel a bit constipated.

So if I fell pregnant around day 14 of my last cycle and my last period was not a true period then I would be 6/7 weeks pregnant and surely would have got a bfp by now like I did with previous pregnancies?

But maybe there is a chance my ovulation was later and so I am only four weeks hence the neg result? I am driving myself mad here.

I even thought maybe I have mc and the hormones are still making me feel pregnant but giving me bfn. If so surely the bleed would have been heavy that I had and not light.

I just wish I did not have these symptoms that I am aware of all day because its just on my mind all of the time. I'm on a big girls night out this week and I dont actually fancy the idea of drinking (not me). I've not been out in so long and i've been looking forward to it for weeks. But not now as I feel so tired.

yoodle Sun 03-Jul-11 21:22:03

oh forgot to say that I've had powerdy/creamy discharge in pants in the last week. just counted and i am on day 17 of my cycle so does that normally happen about this time. i thought I should have had a jelly discharge around day 14-16?

yoodle Sun 03-Jul-11 21:37:38


yoodle Sun 03-Jul-11 22:09:41

i've just wasted a whole hour googling this, anyone out there?

maybe it is all in my head... i need a holiday!

havealittlefaithbaby Sun 03-Jul-11 22:17:41

Bless you! Usually even at four weeks you would see a bfp. The only possibilities are either you're not pregnant it you.are but the hcg isn't showing in your wee. If you'd had an mc and still felt pregnant I think you'd still get a bfp because its still in your system. Tbh I think you should wait to see how you feel over the next week. You could go to your GP and ask for a blood test to put your mind at rest. Sounds like you're a bit stressed?! Could this make you feel ill? Maybe a virus.
Discharge varies, I've been getting more in the hot weather. Mostly creamy.
Hope you.feel.better soon and get a clear answer. Hth

yoodle Mon 04-Jul-11 11:00:43

Thank you for your message. I am not that stressed but just want to know either way. I just feel pregnant and think I will get blood test.

yoodle Mon 04-Jul-11 23:28:19

I did not get a chance to call gp today so will do tomorrow to see if they will do a blood test. I have a bloated tummy, this metallic taste is driving me mad and I keep eating to get rid of it. Tonight I was going to have a glass of wine but I could not face it. I'm supposed to be going on a big girls night out this weekend. I just dont fancy alcohol right now. This is so weird. I must be having some kind of phantom pregnancy even though I was not ttc. I can not think if any other explanation. If I just had a couple of symptoms you could match it to something but I have a whole list of pregnancy symptoms that have been going on for two weeks now. I am not ill because I look fine.

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