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6 days late with symptoms but negative-confused

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essexmumma Sun 03-Jul-11 21:18:55

Hi Lovelies- I am looking for some advice desperately before I lose my mind....

DH and I decided to not use contraception a month ago, as casually TTC DC2. Fantastic;)

My AF is regular as clock work (30 days) and has only even been missed when pregnant with DD. However this is month 2 of no contraception and I am 6 days overdue my AF but have tested today (again) an still negative. I have sore breasts which I dont usually get with AF, feelings of nausea, bloated and my smell seems sensitive. I dont chart or use ovulation sticks as DD and I dont want it to be pressured but I think I ovulated late this month as my CM was like egg white a few days after I thought it would be-we DTD this day I remember too.

So I guess my question is what could be going on? I feel like I should know as have a DD but I just don't!! Starting to worry a little as this all seems weird.

sprinkles77 Sun 03-Jul-11 21:42:45

I guess assume you're preg (for the purposes of taking folic acid and not eating / drinking anything you'd want to avoid while preg) and test again in a couple of days. Everyone is different and sometimes it takes longer than the preg tests say to get hormone levels high enough to show on a test. You could even leave it a whole week. Hope you get the result you're after!

essexmumma Mon 04-Jul-11 21:35:47

Thanks sprinkles! Am driving myself and now DH crazy-hopefully will know either way soon. I just don't want something to be wrongsad

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