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How long after finishing breastfeeding did your periods become regular?

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yoodle Fri 01-Jul-11 19:28:28


Finished feeding in Jan after 13mths and my periods are normally 28 days exactly and always go back to that after children. I have three children but can not remember with the other two... doh smile

Since my periods returned the month I stopped they have been all over the place, from 28 - 34 days. So I guess my ovulation is too and its making it tricky for me to work out teh times I am most likely to conceive.

I think I might be pregnant now because I had a very light period this month that was mainly brown, no clots which I normally get. It did go red at points but very light. Metallic taste in mouth that is so annoying and hungry all the time bit not knowing what I want and the big one - not fancying a glass of red (my best friend). I also keep getting pains low down and I am sure I got that with my last two pregnancies during the early stages.

Or is that normal to just have a very light period like that? I bought a couple of tests today so will try one in the morning to see. I did test last week and it was neg but it was in the evening and a cheap test. Bought a clear blue today. I've also read on here that some people do not test pos straight away.

Did your periods take a while to settle, how long and did you have odd months with extreme light ones?


yoodle Fri 01-Jul-11 19:32:30

Also wanted to point out on day three of last period it was so light that I thought I had stopped so dh and I had romantic bath and sex, he ejaculated in me. Then my period came back the next day bit heavier probably from the sex then went back to light that night.

Is it possible to fall pregnant then during a period? I know most people ovulate once a month and I always use to notice for me it was between day 12-14.

yoodle Fri 01-Jul-11 22:37:03


mousymouse Fri 01-Jul-11 22:40:57

mine were like clockwork again after 8 months, bf for 18m though.

allegrageller Fri 01-Jul-11 22:50:51

how old are you?

it sounds as if you have just gone into a different phase of your cycle. I suspect a baby shakes up your hormone balance somewhat.

My own cycle is variable like yours is now and yet whenever I've thought my period was so light I must be pg, I wasnt' (thank God.) I'm 38 though so no longer all that fertile...

yoodle Sat 02-Jul-11 09:36:47

I'm 32 and all my periods up to may this year have been normal heavy for 7 days, only the last one was light for 5 days and i did not bleed at night which is usually when i wear a couple of night pads.

I'm not complaining if they stay that light, much nicer for me. So you think its an age thing and that they are now reducing?

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