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A confusing month TTC. Advice needed!

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MrsSET Fri 01-Jul-11 13:38:49

Hi Ladies,

This is my first post so hoping you will be able to help me.

We have been TTC for 6 months now. I came off the pill in September and in this time, my cycle has become less regular. It started at 28 days exactly for the first few months and then in March changed to 30 days. I have always had a weak period but last month was exceptionally light (almost to the point of non existant) and only lasted 2 days.

Last month I bought the First Response daily ovulation kits and they ended up being more confusing than helpful as they never convincingly showed me when I ovulated.

In the first and second week I got a second line that was quite strong, but not stronger than the test line. These were 7 days apart. All the other days there was no second line.

In the third week, I had three consecutive days where I had a stronger second line but, again not definitive.

My period was due on Tues (30 days). I took a test yesterday and it was negative but I haven't had period pains (which I get every month).

So my questions are:
- Has anyone else had the same experience with First Response daily?
- Could it be possible I didn't ovulate?
- How many people have had a negative test and then retaken it to find out they are pregnant?
- How long should I wait to do another test?

Thanks in advance for any help or reassurance you can offer!

thelittlefriend Sat 02-Jul-11 12:46:14

I find the ovulation kits pretty useless too. Have been using them this month but haven't had a line and I'm on day 18. I've heard lots of people say to not bother or use a CBFM. I'd to a pregnancy test again today though if I were you and still no period!

MrsSET Sat 02-Jul-11 13:54:28

hey littlefriend - thanks so much. still no period so going off to buy a test... will keep you updated smile

MeconiumHappens Sat 02-Jul-11 18:35:52

Best to wait as long as you can resist before testing again, for a more reliable result. Personally i find ovulation tests a load of poo. Never had a positive ever. hurrumph. Am trying clear blue this month to see if they are any better but so far nothing...

MrsSET Sun 03-Jul-11 01:01:14

I tested again today which is day 34 (usual cycle is 28-30) and still negative so really weird/confusing! Will wait till Wed now and then see. Thanks for the advice and let me know how you get on. I've heard the smiley face ovulation test are better as clearer but they are more ££.

MrsSET Mon 04-Jul-11 12:52:06

Still no period (now day 36) and this is REALLY unusual for me. Did a second test on Sat and it came back as negative.

Does any one have an experience with how many negative tests they got and for how long until it was confirmed they were actually pregnant?

buggerlugs82 Mon 04-Jul-11 19:27:34

Hey MrsSET - My only advice is don't get too hooked up on cycle days - I was counting like mad and got totally obsessed and im now on CD 130!!!!

YES, really!

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