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Why Do I get sore boobs on day 21 and is it a good/bad sign of ovulation/everything being OK?

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themsthebreaks Thu 30-Jun-11 15:30:40

Hi all. been trying to conceive dc3 for 7 months now. My youngest DC is nearly 3, and since I have been ttc and therefore focusing on my cycles I realise I have different symptons/signs of things than I did before my DC.
In particular, I get sore boobs on day 21 every cycle. I really dont remember getting this before - and not sure if it means anything. Have googled but cnat understand wehy this is - I think I read somewhere it might mean you havent ovulated, but cant find that again - does anyone have any info on this?
I have been using opk as my cycle length can vary by a few days - and this month for the first time I didnt get a positive (am using digital) so thought maybe I hadnt ovulated, but now, as usual, I have sore boobs on day 21.
The other thing is that I sometimes get a dull ache on the left hand side of my pelvis, that I can sometimes feel down to me knee, and I wonder too if that is a sign something is wrong.
I think I will see my GP to discuss - I have held off as dont just want to seem impatient, as I know it can take time.
But I am getting myself worried that perhaps I am not ovulating, that the day 21 sore boobs and the ache in pelvis is a sign of something not being right.
Any experience of advice very gratefully received.
Thanks v much.

eurochick Thu 30-Jun-11 15:54:29

My acupuncturist told me that sore boobs was just your body's reaction to the progesterone rise post-ov.

The ache - who knows? Could be normal. Could be any number of things.

themsthebreaks Thu 30-Jun-11 19:54:40

thank you - so perhaps the sore boobs on day 21 is in fact a good sign.
I just dont rmeember when we were trying for DC1 (which took about 8 months so was v much symptom spotting!)

havealittlefaithbaby Fri 01-Jul-11 06:20:44

I get sore boobs from a few dpo right through to just before af. Never had it before ttc! Prior to meeting DH I had regular af, very few symptoms. The sore boobs got really bad after a year of ttc. They swell so much I've bought bras a size bigger! I found magnesium helped balance my mood and minimise the pain. I think it is quite normal.

themsthebreaks Fri 01-Jul-11 18:19:23

thats so interesting - exactly the same as me! and I know i didnt get it before, because when not ttc I was so wary of being accidentally pg (because of work things)...and these sore boobs are exactly like sore pg boobs. So the first month I got them when ttc I was 99% certain I was pg. And then I wasnt....and now I get them every month! very weird!

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