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Is there something wrong?

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waitingandwishing Thu 30-Jun-11 15:19:16

I am really worrying myself and think i'm probably over reacting but just wanted to see what other people thought.

Last April I came off of the pill (because it wasn't suiting me rather than TTC) my cycles were regular until September last year m AF was late and had pg symptoms but bfn. Went to the docs who kindly did blood tests for me and sent me for a scan. At the scan they couldn't find ovaries (but weren't worried about this as previous year I had a scan as pain in one side and was found to have a cyst on one of them so I obviously have some!), the blood tests showed no progesterone so she said she thought that I wasn't ovulating, she out this down to stress and said that if in 6 months my cycles hadn't returned to normal then to go back! Since Christmas my cycles have been regular they vary between 28-33 days but I know this is normal. The last two months my partner and I haven't been using any contraception and just relaxed if it happens it happens which is fine but what is worrying me is that last month my period was 2 days late and very light, this month it's on time but is just spotting, no need for tampon etc. This is very different to my normal cycles that start heavy and last for about 5-7 days, I have poas but bfn. I have booked an appointment for Monday at the docs, i'm not worried that i'm not pg i'm just worried that there is something worng and that's why my cycles have gone strange? I have had all th symptoms of AF and still have cramping and backache even though the spotting has stopped today which was the 5th day?

eurochick Thu 30-Jun-11 15:25:30

Have you done a PG test? Some people who are PG get a small bleed when they would have had their period.

Alternatively, have ou lost weight? My periods always get lighter even if I lose a small amount.

Go and see the GP if you are worried though.

waitingandwishing Thu 30-Jun-11 21:04:47

Yes I did a test this afternoon, BFN, I have got another one so could test tomorrow with FMU although will be 3 days late tomorrow so think it would have showed up today if I was? I have booked a doctors appointment for Monday, I am 30 this year and totally paranoid that ttc will be problematic, no reason to think that though!!!!

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