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how do you stop yourself from POAS??

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islanzadi Wed 29-Jun-11 21:24:36

i think i might ask my husband to hide them until AF is due.. i just can't help but do it every morning, i OBVIOUSLY get negatives every time but i just say oh well, there's always tomorrow!

the tests i have are a bit shite (paid about £0.20 per test) so they might not even work but i have to stop doing it or else i'm gonna run out and i daren't use my clearblue till AF is overdue.. (4-5 days to go)

what do you lot use? can't really not.. think about it! I might go do another one.. at least if i'm finished with them i can't use any!

.... i'm an idiot

eurochick Wed 29-Jun-11 22:15:42

I am mostly quite good at resisting although I give in occasionally. I am good because I think: I am not interested in knowing if I had a chem preg that only lasted a few days and BFN's can get you quite down. But it can be difficult to resist if you have a few symptoms!

islanzadi Wed 29-Jun-11 22:17:54

well, the biggest one for me was spotting 1 week before period. i never EVER ever get spotting

4 days till period tomorrow, clearblue says 53% of women can get a positive then but do i really want to risk it?

OnlyWantsOne Wed 29-Jun-11 22:18:53

EBay cheep ones do work - I did 6 once grin they were all positive! Ssshhh she's asleep smile

Set a date to test. If af hasn't arrived on that day then test. Not before!!

and order another 20 on eBay

islanzadi Wed 29-Jun-11 22:19:55

i set the date for tomorrow, does that work? :D

newbroom Wed 29-Jun-11 22:33:59

I don't keep tests in the house, just go and buy one if/when period is late (and try to avoid shops that sell them during that 2ww!). Otherwise I'm tempted to do lots of early tests - and in that way madness lies (for me anyway - I don't handle uncertainty/disappointment very well! grin) Although this month my plan was foiled as First Response had kindly included a free pregnancy test with the box of OPKs! (that box is hidden in the kitchen drawer, well away from the bathroom so no sneaky POAS!)

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