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Karbea Wed 29-Jun-11 19:26:25

sorry rubbish title but I'm so frustrated!!! And my Internet is down so on iPhone, so sorry about typos...

I'm so fed up with these stupid blood tests!

The doctor originally wrote the forms wrong, progesterone day 7, lh fsh day 21, so I had to go back to him and get them changed. I had my lh and fsh on day 5. I've waited all month to work out when to do my progesterone, I'm going tmr, but that's a complete guess as I've no idea if I've ov'd even though for the last 8 cycles I've clearly ov'd on my ff graph- stupid body!!!

Anyway, the results for the fsh and lh have taken ages to come back and finally I was told to callback tonight, the results..,
Serum progesterone 2.8..,

Wtf!!! Isn't that the test I'm supposed to have tmr?!?!

I can't even google properly to see if this us good or bad, or even valid if it was done on day5 what a complete Fu! I'm 37 I can't waste months like this!!! sad

eurochick Wed 29-Jun-11 20:42:12

It sounds like they have f'd up.

I have no idea what is a "good" progesterone level at day 3 or 5. I know from t'internet that most gynaes seem to consider ovulation is confirmed by a level of about 30+ on day 21.

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