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Ovulation before getting a BFN following MC?

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BlueCrane Wed 29-Jun-11 17:17:14

I had an MMC which was found at my 12wk scan on 26th May. ERPC 2 weeks later on 9th June. POAS on Monday (27th June) and still had faint BFN but now i seem to have EWCM and wondering whether I might be ovulating and whether I should get DH into action this evening? Is it possible to Ov this early after an MC/ERPC or could it just be my body playing games with me with the EWCM??

Purplebuns Wed 29-Jun-11 18:24:32

Hi, sorry for your loss sad
Having a mc, can knock your body out of sync for a long time. Was your test negative? If it was then it is possible it is EWCM. If it was positive I wouldn't recommend trying until you get a negative.
When I had my loss I found this site invaluable, it has an answer for every question I could think of
I hope you have a successful pregnancy very soon smile

BlueCrane Wed 29-Jun-11 18:45:57

Thanks purple just had another look at that website...looked at it a lot at the beginning but less so recently and since I am still getting a BFP (sorry just realised original post made NO sense whatsoever!!! sorry!!) it's just likely to be part of the crazy post-MC symptoms that our bodies go a sense a relief as I do think that waiting for first AF is probably the way to go...just seems as though the waiting will go on forever!

PieMistress Wed 29-Jun-11 19:35:10

Hi blue it took me nearly 6 weeks (!!) to get a BFN after my 'natural' miscarriage. I then had EWCM about 3 days after the BFN and postive OPKs 5 days after the BFN?! Haven't got a scooby what's going on!

I know exactly what you mean about feeling like it's going on forever! I'd read so much about people getting BFN 2 weeks after a miscarriage then AF 2 weeks later that's what I was hoping would happen to me but nope! BFN after 6 weeks and still waiting for AF (will be 8 weeks on Monday!) x

BlueCrane Thu 30-Jun-11 12:56:01

I meant to test again this morning as it's 3 weeks since ERPC today but totally forgot and want to use FMU for some consistency in comparing my pee sticks from last week. Trying to stay 'chilled' about it is much easier said than done and I'm just impatient to be able to TTC again and trying not to stress about the possibility of conceiving and getting an EDD in the middle of the Olympics when it'll cost a fortune for my Mum to fly over!! But actually the conception and a (hopefully) full-term, healthy pregnancy have to come first so that's what I need to focus on! Pie hope AF turns up soon for you though I have read somewhere that it sometimes takes 4 weeks from getting a BFN as your body resets itself from then, oh the unpredictability of it all is so frustrating!!

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