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Help!! Implant advice!

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laylasmummy08 Tue 28-Jun-11 22:30:18

I have had the implant in since december 2009 and its due out december 2012. i didnt have a period for the first few months then i started getting them every 2 months for 3 weeks at a time.
i have never suffered bad side effects with it up until 2 months ago? i had a period in april,not in may and was due to have one beginning of june which hasnt arrived!
i have been broody for a few months now and would love another child (me and my partner already have a 3 year old) but he isnt ready for another yet and whats to wait until we are a bit more settled.
i cant stop thinking about babies and past few weeks i have felt dizzy, hungry all the time, fluttering etc but i dont know if this is just all in my head????
is it very common for people to get pregnant on the implant, i have read a few threads where people have been caught out! to be completely honest i would be over the moon if i was, but not sure my OH would be :-( any advice/suppot would be appreciated! xx

lalabaloo Wed 29-Jun-11 19:59:15

People have been pregnant on the implant, however it does mess up your bleeding too (I bled every day until I eventually decided to have it removed!) The only way to tell I guess would be to take a test, by now it should show up I would think. HTH x

laylasmummy08 Wed 29-Jun-11 20:15:18

thankyou for your advice, going to leave it another week to take a test just to be on the safe side :-) xx

lalabaloo Wed 29-Jun-11 20:16:12

Good luck smile x

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