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Could I be? Or am I leading myself on (again)?!

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Dragini Tue 28-Jun-11 12:44:22

Ladies, can you help? I'm 39 and have been ttc (#1) for 10 years, on and off. DH and I have had all the medical fertility tests which found no medical problems, but we decided not to go to IVF for various reasons (including current stress of difficulties with step-daughter). It feels like I'm in last chance saloon, so I started a course of acupuncture for fertility, which started a couple of days into my current cycle. The chinese dr was very kind and said he would be able to help me, because he thinks I've got poor circulation which makes my womb "cold" and "not a nice place to make a baby". Of course, over the last few weeks I've got very excited and have been experiencing loads of what seem like conception symptoms - achy boobs, wierd taste in my mouth, slight nausea and feeling like AF was on its way for all of the last week (which is very unusual). I'm usually as regular as clockwork but AF was due yesterday and still hadn't arrived. Still feels like it could arrive any minute but instead I've got a bright white discharge - any thoughts? I did a test on Saturday but got a BFN - was 12 days POV too soon? I'm all at sea - not sure whether I should be getting excited or whether I'm getting carried away and setting myself up for yet another disappointment...

SenoritaViva Tue 28-Jun-11 14:54:04

Don't get carried away. I am assuming a BFN is a negative result? It might be a little early to tell. I really hope that is is positive but just slow down and don't think about it too much.

I'm keeping everything crossed for you though.

fatbottomgirl Tue 28-Jun-11 16:05:27

Not sure could be a little early but I certainly have everything crossed for you.

Dragini Wed 29-Jun-11 18:06:02

Hmm - did another test first thing this morning, and still neg :-(

Thanks for your comments ladies. Although I know there is virtually no hope, I can't help but hold onto the bit that's left as still no AF and I've still got every other symptom going!

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