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AF (probably TMI sorry but I really need to know) is this normal?

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pinkpony Tue 28-Jun-11 10:16:56

I am early thirties (TTC#1) and always have had ?light? periods until I had a coil fitted which did increase the flow and cramping I experienced.
The coil (not the one with added hormones) was removed in December, periods have reverted to being light flow but I?m now only getting the following and I?m wondering if it?s normal or if it could indicate some kind of hormonal problem?

Day 1 & 2 dark brown light flow
Next 36ish hours medium flow ?fresh red?
Following 36 ? 48 hours dark brown light flow.

I had the coil fitted as I?m unable to take the combined pill due to previous migraines and I was on the progesterone only pill for 6 months but this resulted in me bleeding for a week every other week, which is why I'm thinking my hormones might be a bit screwed.

I was thinking about booking an appointment with the doctors but suppose I want to see if other people think this is normal or not before I do or will they tell me to wait till we?ve been trying for 12 months? I probably shouldn't even be worrying about this but TTC is making me slightly obsessive about things and everyone else I know just seems to moan about having really heavy periods.

ShaggingWithIntent Tue 28-Jun-11 10:24:11

hi pinkpony

Not sure if I can help but I also have very light AFs. Usually 1 day of spotting and then 2 of light/medium flow and that's it.

I think everybody is different and I guess different contraception methods could explain it but if you are worried then go and see your GP.

pinkpony Tue 28-Jun-11 10:47:56

Thank you, I am probably over analysing things. I just seem to be surrounded by people who complain about heavy AF and I seem to be the minority and thinking I'm not normal. I will book an appointment to see the GP just in case there's anything else going on.

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