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TTC 6+ months plus, part 2

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skeletonbones Mon 27-Jun-11 21:58:53

New thread as the old one was getting to 1000. So, 4 BFP's in the last thread, lets see if we can up the total considerably on this one smile

skeletonbones Mon 27-Jun-11 22:02:38

urgh sorry about the + and plus together in the title, seems I can't even manage to denote a positive correctly in a thread title, nevermind piss one on a stick wink

Karbea Mon 27-Jun-11 22:10:21


Well I'm still here! Having my cd21 blood test on Thursday. Xx

poutintrout Tue 28-Jun-11 09:39:54

A new shiny thread. Here's to us all getting our BFPs on this one!
grin at skeleton about peeing a positive on a stick.

How did you get on at the docs Purple?

I don't even want to consider Endo (though the bowel link is a little worrying) and I am refusing to Google it!

Hello Karbea. Good luck with the blood test.

I'm all despondent today. Despite my "I'm not stressing over TTC any more" attitude my stupid body decided that it was no fun that way so for the entertainment value decided to throw in some really stingy nipples over the last few days because it is obviously way better if I am a dribbling basket case in the 2ww. I have therefore dutifully dribbled and obsessed and now this morning as a reward for my efforts the stinging has stopped and my boobs have deflated. Flippin' marvellous!

How is everybody else?

mrsden Tue 28-Jun-11 09:50:58

wow, a new thread. We must have talked an awful lot to get to 1000 threads. Thanks for starting the new one skeleton

pout could your nipples have been stinging because of frostbite from all your freezer action?

I know I decided to stay away from mumsnet but I'm not doing very well at it! I got back home late on Friday night and we had a lovely weekend just me and DH. I think everything has finally hit him and he was a little bit down which is not like him at all. I think I'm in the 2ww now but I don't really know because I'm not temping, I know I can't be pregnant not only because of the sperm count but also I think I ovulated while I was away so it will be interesting to see if I can get through these 2 weeks without spotting any symptoms.

We must be due a BFP for this thread. Is anyone close to testing?

hopehopehope Tue 28-Jun-11 11:49:59

Haven't had chance to post again this month. Am on cycle 17 and am currently 17 days post ovulation according to chart. BBTs still up and feeling quesy at times with sore boobs but I feel crampy on and off so daren't test after chemical pregnancy ending 20 days post-ov a few months ago. Used internet cheapie test six days ago which was negative so am forcing myself to stop browsing ebay at baby equipment but if AF hasn't come by sunday, will treat myself to a posh digital test. Fingers crossed for everyone this month.

joycep Tue 28-Jun-11 13:13:46

oooh a lovely new thread! it scares me slightly that the last one was started in March but hey ho.
Pout - what is the stingy nips about? Too much prodding or frosting perhaps?
hopehopehope - i'm impressed by your self control but 17 high temps is v postiive....

Nothing to report from me. No idea where i am in my cycle. I didn't even get a positive opk this month whereas before the clomid i use to get them without fail on day 13 or 14. I'm trying not to think about it too much as I've been getting so worried and neurotic and fearing clomid has completely stopped me from ovulating.

poutintrout Tue 28-Jun-11 14:38:42

Hope that is very encouraging. Fingers crossed for you that you will be our first new BFP on this thread! I love looking at ebay for baby equipment too and would happily send DP 350 miles to pick up some cutesy cot mobile!

Joycep & Mrsden I think that it must be frostbite too or more likely the heat. I have some rather fetching and cheap mesh lace bras (think lace of a similar quality to those bags oranges come in) and wonder whether because of the heat some chaffing occurred, not that I am blessed with huge norkage. Note to self, must not wear these bras when on the 2ww again!

Joycep I'm sure that Clomid won't have stopped you from ovulating, please don't worry. Is it more possible that you missed the surge because that time has been changed by the drug? Are you still not temping and unable to pick up ovulation that way?

ladymalfoy Tue 28-Jun-11 15:36:54

Hello all. Didn't the weekend flash past? Wasn't it lovely to feel warm all over and not because one is wrapped in a duvet!
Went to the Doc's yesterday and he's refered me to the Fertility Clinic without a second thought. Blood test in two weeks and my DH is also having a SA.
I felt really despondant at first even though the Doc was very helpful and supportive and the mood has only just lifted. Everything you read or seeon TV or hera on the radio can't really prepare you for the fact you,personaly, at this very moment in time can't quite get your body to do what it's supposed to.
On a lighter note...the brand new and very inexperienced girl in my department has finally been told by one of the bosses that she's been insubordinate and unprofessional. Finally!

Good luck to us all and hugs all around.

NervousNelly Tue 28-Jun-11 16:12:36

Can I join your thread please? I'm 36, still trying for our first BFP after 10 months. Though I've just worked out that I'm on cycle 13, as I have short-ish cycles. More chances for trying, I suppose? <wry smile>. I don't temp or chart or use OPKs, we mostly just have sex grin. I know this means we've missed the window a couple of times, but it keeps me sane. Currently on CD23 or something of an average 25 day cycle. However I think OV was late this month so I'm probably not due till Monday-ish. We've just started down the doctor route, I've had my days 3 and 21 blood tests with results due on Friday, though my OH has yet to donate his sample wink.

It's good to have the comfort of others in the same boat. Fingers crossed for lots of BFPs soon.

joycep Tue 28-Jun-11 17:56:37

Thanks Pout. I don't know it was all a bit strange. An egg was ripe this time last week and she said go away and do the OPKs until I get a surge so that I could then inject myself with something. But i never got the surge so I rang back on about CD16 (way past the day i normally would have got one) and she told me to just inject anyway. It just seems that I don't have any signs of ovulation anymore - no ewcm, no sore boobs and no positive opks. I'm sort of loathe to continue with clomid but then I think i perhaps shouldn't give up after month 2 and should put my trust in this very expensive doc. But somewhere on MN I did read that it is irresponsible to put ovulating women on clomid so of course that just sets me off on a crazy. So sorry for the ramble. Now on to your norkage grin - the lacy bras in this heat may quite easily have been the problem. There are just endless things to think about in the 2ww aren't there.

LadyMalfoy - how wonderful to have a great GP who refers you immediately. I wonder what they do at the Fertility Clinic...keep us posted..

Welcome Nelly - I have short cycles as well. In theory that means we have more chance than others but i'm on about month 14 right now to no avail! You seem very calm and relaxed which is great and very healthy. Sadly I turned crazy pretty much straight away and dived in to charting, opks, weird vitamins, filtered water and the list goes on!!

eurochick Tue 28-Jun-11 18:12:22

Hello ladies,

I was starting to feel quite hopeful this month as I had v painful boobs but that is easing off after a couple of days and I am putting it down to starting B6 this cycle.

I'm still waiting for my referral to a gynae to come through. Hubby should get his SA results the end of next week.

I have a v busy week at work which is taking my mind of things. Unfortunately, it means not much time of MNing this week!

NervousNelly Tue 28-Jun-11 18:24:59

Thanks joycep, it's bravado really wink. But more honestly, I figure as I'm not prepared to give up wine while TTC, there isn't much point in becoming obsessed about other stuff! That said, I've spent the day squishing my boobs into oblivion, and am disappointed to note that they STILL don't hurt hmm.

hopehopehope Tue 28-Jun-11 19:02:10

Thanks Joycep and Pout for the happy thoughts. Have been cramping on and off for a few days and cramps have been on overdrive since lunchtime. Normally get cramps just after AF starts rather than before before so god knows what's going on. Fully expecting to come on overnight. I know some cramps can be a sign of pregancy but these feel too periody if you know what I mean. On a positive note, my brand new sparkly clear blue fertility monitor and 20 sticks has arrived today from Amazon so it would be rude not to open the box.

ThatWayMadnessLies Tue 28-Jun-11 20:54:17

Ooh, very excited about a new thread. Thanks skeleton for being so organised smile

Welcome to the new arrivals. You're in good hands here.

Have been busy catching up after the weekend. Final week of school and things are a bit crazy around here, so no time to obsessively check catch up on mumsnet.

Since getting our letter in about the fertility clinic dh has been a lot more anxious than usual. I think the reality of giving a sample (two samples a month apart in fact) has hit him. Has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works in terms of swi this month. Anxiety does not enhance the mood! I should be ovulating tomorrow or Thursday so would be nice if I could get him to relax about it. One of us stressing is more than enough. Both of us will just be a pain in the arse.

Also just got a message from my mother to say that she is coming over for A MONTH this summer shock. I love my mother but she is coming over here to stay for good in November (and will have to move in with us until she manages to buy herself a flat) so I think coming to stay for a month over the summer is a bit of overkill. Have yet to go downstairs and break the news to dh. He will be thrilled!

ladymalfoy Wed 29-Jun-11 07:51:31

Had an idea. Why doesn't someone invent a panty liner that changes colour during ovulation? Just a thought.

ladymalfoy Wed 29-Jun-11 08:14:28

Joycep we've got lots of GP's at our pracitice and it can be a bit hit and miss. I've seen the youngest partner who is a woman on a couple of occasions and she's been really brusque with me. The chap I saw on Monday even dictated the letter while I was there just to show he was serious and moving me along!
All I have to do get out of a staff meeting on CD21 so I can get there before 5pm.
TWML I've got three weeks left and am trying to use all my pupils free time wisely. That plan is hit and miss at the mo though!

Karbea Wed 29-Jun-11 08:33:21


I'm hoping I'll get my Fs and lsh results today, back to the docs for ore blood tests tmr, I can already see this cycle is a wash out as not only is it unclear if I actually ov'd, but my temps are dropping already.

Plus ive got a sore throat.

Dh hasn't made his appointment for his test yet, I think he is embarassed - bless!

poutintrout Wed 29-Jun-11 09:11:29

I know what you mean Euro about sore boobs on the wane. I was just thinking this morning that this month must be a wipe out because all my "symptoms" are slowly tailing off and if I was updiffed they would be getting stronger. At least you have some distraction with work to keep you sane!

Joycep I understand why you are a bit confused at being given Clomid. It sounds like your consultant is monitoring you closely though so try not to panic. It must be so frustrating to have no ovulation signs. It's such a shame that your DH isn't happy about temping, I really think that it would help you to relax a bit if you could get a handle back on ovulation time. I haven't temped this month but keep randomly taking my temperature. I'm not sure what I expect that to tell me other than it's hot and sweaty!

Hope I am so hoping that your unusual pre-AF cramping is a good sign for you. Loads of women say they have had that and then gone on to get a BFP. FX!

Madness Have you told your DH yet about your mother's visit? Why is it so difficult to say no to our mothers?!

Hello NervousNelly

hopehopehope Wed 29-Jun-11 10:44:35

Have just typed a message and it's disappeared to god knows where on mumsnet. Anyway, caved in after a night of cramps, did a cheapie test and BFP!!! I'm slightly stunned after a year and a half of trying as we only managed to do the deed twice this month. Still cramping so am hoping it's not going to go pear shaped early on but have been feeling quesy which is hopefully a good sign. My daughter was born very prematurely so I daren't get too excited as it will be such a long road if the little bean stays put over the next few weeks. I had an irritable uterus just before my daughter was born and I wonder if it is the same thing now causing these cramps. When I had my chemical pregnancy I only had a very faint line (in the right light) 19 days after ov and the line this morning was a lovely big dark line so fingers crossed.

I've bought a twin pack of digital tests and will do one later, hopefully it will give the same result. Thank you for all the support and hoping that this is everyones lucky month. Obviously the trick must be to put off buying a fertility monitor for months because of the cost and then buy it just at the time you hopfully no longer need it.

poutintrout Wed 29-Jun-11 14:26:13

Hope Wow, congratulations, that is fantastic news! I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. Will you come back on to keep us updated on how you and your little bean are getting on.

Congratulations again.


Spirita Wed 29-Jun-11 14:44:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

NervousNelly Wed 29-Jun-11 14:53:29

Hello spirita, I'm new to this thread too smile

Yay for hope, I've only been on here 5 minutes and there is an up-duffer already.

No symptoms of anything yet. 2 days till I'll be at my "average" cycle length, though I'm sure I'll be longer this month, if not a BFP. I hope so, as OH and I are apart next weekend which would be prime OV time if I have my usual 25 day month. So I either need a BFP or a longer cycle.

Spirita Wed 29-Jun-11 15:25:01

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

mrsden Wed 29-Jun-11 15:42:48

congratulations hope, fantastic news. I thought this thread needed another BFP, it's been a while since the last one. Is that 5 now?

Welcome spirita, waiting is awful. I'm coming up to the one year mark now, almost every one around me is pregnant so I think I'm getting quite good at blocking out all pregnant chatter.

My pregnant with twins friend is due to go in on Monday to be induced. She has done really well to get this far and has had a really good pregnancy considering she is carrying twins. She is so excited and I feel bad that I find it hard to join in. It's hard when she gives me a minute by minute account of every midwife and consultant visit and I know she will give me every detail about the birth. But I do want her to have an easy birth and I will be excited to see the two babies, I just have to put the jealousy in a little box at the back of my head. The hardest thing is that every one I know who is pregnant seems incapable of thinking of anyone but themselves, I think it must be something to do with pregnancy brain.

The urologist told DH that he needed to take these vitamins: Vit A, Vit C, Vit E, Zinc, Folic acid and Selenium. He said that they won't increase the number of sperm but can improve the quality so worth a try. As well as buying the vitamins DH has also stocked up on every type of food he could find in the supermarket that said it had these things added so our cupboards and fridge is bursting with stuff. Also, I found he is taking a little tub of brazil nuts to work with him every day after he read that they were high in selenium. Bless.

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