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spotting today.. when to test?

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islanzadi Mon 27-Jun-11 19:39:08

i've been recording my periods for 6 months ( using p tracker app). it started because it was useful to know when it was coming next so i could plan events. me and my husband have recently started trying for a baby. according to my app my ovulation date was 21st.

My period is due in a week and today i noticed some light brown spotting. it was very little but i never get spotting between periods. my head has been killing me today as well..

i'm trying (very hard) not to make symptoms up but this was a bit odd as i never had any spotting before.

things i've recorded in the past few days are :

constipation and gassy blush
light cramps in my pelvis
spotting a week before period.

oh and i couldn't finish my fizzy cola sweets! they made me retch!

i love fizzy cola sweets sad

i know i might be completely unreasonable with all this but i really don't know what to expect. no one irl knows we're ttc so i can't discuss this with anyone else apart from my hubby. and he's very relaxed..!

when should i test first? i have some cheapy hpt's from amazon and 2 clear blue digital.

MandaHugNKiss Mon 27-Jun-11 19:45:35

My last pregnancy I spotted from 6dpo-9dpo and got a very very faint line on a first reaponse early result at 10dpo (was a very clear line the next day at 11dpo)

Your symptoms sound promising but you really need to hold on a few days (if you really want to test early, as many do!). I think if you are pregnant, you have a chance of it showing on an early pregnancy test around 10dpo (so hang on at least four days!)

You may still get a negative at that point though, even if you are indeed pregnant.

islanzadi Mon 27-Jun-11 20:13:21

i could buy a first response but i don't have he ££ to spare at the moment sad

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