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when to seek help?

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sunnyg Mon 27-Jun-11 18:15:15

Hello all. Firstly must apologise for lack of standard acronyms/mumsnet speak as relative newcomer to this. So today is my 34th bday, yes so am sure you all understand the timely nature of this post! So to cut a long story short, DH and I have been TTC for some time now. Just how long? Well that's hard to say. I've been off the pill and we've not been using any protection since September 2009 - so almost 2 years. Although again as I'm sure many of you can understand our efforts of baby making since then has been varied. It took almost a year for my period then to become regular again. Since Christmas of last year we've been make a much more concerted effort. We're both healthy and all that and as to this date no luck.
So ladies my question is to you, when should one start to seek help? We've never had any tests done. I assume the first place to start is some testing at our GP? To complicate matters a bit more we are due to move out of this area in the next 4-8 weeks. So if visiting a GP is the first step, do I do it now and see the GP we are currently registered with or do I wait until we have moved? Is it better to wait and establish a relationship with a GP in our new area?

Many thanks in advance for all your help!

InTheSunshine Mon 27-Jun-11 19:42:12

Hello Sunny

If you're moving within the same area then I'd go to the doctor soon - your GP will probably refer you to the fertility clinic anyway and there will be a wait for that. I was referred to the clinic then had to go back to my GP for blood tests. Not sure how it works elsewhere. Sooner you go to the GP sooner you get some tests done. Hope it all works out for you smile

Reallea Mon 27-Jun-11 19:42:43

Hi Sunny G,
I would say go now, because you can tell your current doctor you've been trying for two years and they will believe you, because they know how long you have been off the pill. The reality is that it takes ages for your records to get to a new doctor, like a matter of a couple of months and so you are better to get the ball rolling now and not lose that crucial time. A new doctor is likely to tell you to wait to be referred till he can review your records and two years is long enough to not have to wait another four months to see so done. Anyway if your current doctor refers you it will be ongoing and in the hands of whoever he refers you to so it surely won't matter which GP you have? And if you are really worried that there will not be continuity in your care then you could always make the trip back to see yur old gp without telling them you have moved to start with (just set up a redirect for your mail with the post office).
One of my friends has just been referred for tests as she has been trying for eight months (although she told them a year as her last pill prescription had been several months earlier- she had thought it would take months and months to see someone so thats why she fibbed but the reality is they got her in pretty quickly). so two years sounds a long while to me and you should be having a few checks done.

Good luck!

sunnyg Mon 27-Jun-11 23:02:18

Hi InTheSunshine and Reallea
Many thanks for your responses. I think both of you are right, it's time to seek some help or at least start the process. As we are moving out of the area (it's not far but it'll be a new borough) and I don't have any move date yet (sometime in the next 4-8 weeks approx) I think I'll just go ahead and make an appointment at the GP where I'm currently registered and go from there. Gotta start somewhere.

Many thanks again

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