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What is the difference between spotting and light bleeding?

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waitingandwishing Mon 27-Jun-11 17:54:21

I know this might seem like a really stupid question but how do you tell if you are spotting or just lightly bleeding?

AF is due tomorrow (according to FF) yesterday woke up with cramps and when I went to the loo had some pinky blood when I wiped (sorry tmi), since then had mostly brown/pinky stuff when I have been to the loo and a bit on a pad, not like normal AF. Is this spotting or just a light AF?

Any opinions welcome!

Cloclo15 Mon 27-Jun-11 18:06:05

I would class that as spotting, I don't class it as proper AF until I get real red blood 'flow' if you know what I mean?

havealittlefaithbaby Mon 27-Jun-11 18:13:19

Spotting is only there when you wipe. If you really need a pad, its light bleeding. As cloclo15 says, you count what you're describing as spotting for FF. CD 1 is proper flow. Hth.

Cloclo15 Mon 27-Jun-11 21:31:34

I don't know about just there when you wipe - I get several days of dark brown spotting which does need a pad (prob about 2 50p worth in size each day) before real red blood flow and I would describe these as spotting - what I lose on those days doesn't look like proper af blood at all.

waitingandwishing Mon 27-Jun-11 22:55:06

Thank you for your comments. My AF normally starts very heavy straight away that's why this is strange for me and I asked the question! Now quite sure this is spotting so will have to wait and see if AF starts properly!

waitingandwishing Tue 28-Jun-11 14:15:08

On day 3 of spotting now....AF due today. I have sore boobs, nausea and feel drained and tired...any chance of being pg?

whatatip Tue 28-Jun-11 14:25:35

Yes there is certainly a chance, especially as this is not normal for you.
Test in the morning if no AF by then, I reckon.

havealittlefaithbaby Tue 28-Jun-11 22:01:37

Yup I agree especially if its unusual!

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