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Hormonal imbalance or pregnant?

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wynetta Mon 27-Jun-11 16:53:22

Hello all I am new here!

Im a mother of two children: son 11 yrs old and daughter 3.5 yrs old going on 28 lol! I have infertility problem(pcos) and also 3 angels in the sky.

Now here's my questions lol!

I've had consistent AF since Febuary and my cycles are irregular ranging from 30-33 days. My last AF was May 22nd. But that AF was odd for me. Normally my AF is 4-6 days, starting out with heavy clear cm and then bleeding the very same day, it gets heavy thru days 2-4 depending, tapering down by days 3-5 depending how long my af days are, and on the last day its deep red/brown color and then its done. But sometimes I will bleed again about 4 hours later. Well May's period was very odd...I just came on no symptoms but back pain and I was on my AF. I had no Cm or anything. it was very light and no cramping at all. By day 2 I didn't have to wear as many pads/tampoon as normal like literally. I could've used a pantyliner honestly. By day 3 it was brown discharge(Normally do not get) and within a hour I was off early that morning. No extra bleeding no nothing!!

Now I was a full time student. School ended in early May, I did stress out during finals in April. My DD has severe asthma and became really sick for almost a month. I couldnt start my summer semster because of her being in and out the hosptial. which stressed me out also with school and her. But I still had a period. I havnet been stressed since May at all.

About 2 week later my boobs hurt sooo badly and so did my nipples. I didn't wear a bra and didn't want any type material or my husband to touch them. Laying on them hurt like hell and agian not normal for me. I've experiencing queasyiness, extreme fatigue( ive been sleeping days away),decrease sex drive(normal when im pregnant..been pg 5 times) usually have a high sex drive, mood swings, my cervix is very high and soft(I can feel the lip of it but it doesnt feel open), I'm having alot of milky/lotiony CM more than usual, appetite is so/so one minute im hungry and need to eat asap, the next minute im not, increase of being thristy, cotton mouth, hot flashes(normally get them right before period and during), my period is 5 days late, breast still hurt and so does nipples, sex has become uncomfortable(hurts when he get deep)..I normally have pain with deep penatration, but this was really different. I've been losing weight by choice.

So what do you guys think?

wynetta Mon 27-Jun-11 16:56:08

and also im experiencing cramping on top of my uterus and that warm feeling inside as if im going to have a period. so everytime the cm is excessive i go check and its not a period.

WorzselMummage Mon 27-Jun-11 16:58:11

Have you done a test ?

wynetta Mon 27-Jun-11 17:03:10

No.. Im kindof scared to(sad I know) lol! With all the infertility problems and m/c's I fell victim to being scared. I want to be pregnant but I start school again in the fall. So Im scared of the positve but I don't like the feeling of it saying its negative... if that makes sense. My husband and I were going to try for our 3rd next year.

wynetta Tue 28-Jun-11 17:05:55

Okay so I just was hit with a wave of hot flashes, queasiness, and dry heaving to the point I had to spot chewing my gum. I checked my cervix its still slightly high and it feels like its open just a bit. My CM has kindof slowed down a bit too.

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