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Mid cycle bleeding ????

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SleepyFergus Mon 27-Jun-11 06:56:24

We're currently ttc #2 and my cycles are a bit haphazard, approx 35 day cycle.

I'm on cd18 and had high fertility on the CBFM for 5 days now. Last night a had some pink/red tinged cm....did a bit of googling and just thought it was Ov bleeding and nabbed DH for a bit of action. This morning, it's like the start of my period, more blood and a few smallish clots?? WTF? CBFM still says high. Thinking I can't possibly conceive this month if there isn't anything for the egg to snuggle into.

So what gives? Anyone experienced anything similar?

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 27-Jun-11 07:30:46

Mid cycle bleeding should always be checked out by a GP to ascertain the cause (cervical erosion can cause bleeding).

Would actually ignore the CBFM now, they are not always helpful if cycles are on the irregular side.

thelittlefriend Mon 27-Jun-11 12:30:58

I am currently trying to find out why I get mid cycle bleeding, or constant bleeding if I'm honest. Doctor says it's probably cervical erosion (not as bad as it sounds!) but I'm waiting on smear results before being referred to colposcopy. It is a right pita as I feel like I never know for sure when my period starts and ends and my cycles aren't regular either. But definitely speak to your GP as there can be some really easy to treat infections that cause bleeding too.

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