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How many dpo did you get a positive pregnancy result on a home pregnancy test?

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ilikeyoursleeves Sun 26-Jun-11 11:08:47

Just curious? I am 11 dpo & tested this morning, there seems to be the faintest of faint lines but very thin in comparison with the control window line, I think I may be imagining it? I will test again tomo but just wondering if you can get a positive hpt that early? Thanks

happydaysahead Sun 26-Jun-11 11:41:29

I have had a very faint one each time at 10 days post ov, so seems like you are pg, Congratulations! smile

shellmc Sun 26-Jun-11 12:16:26

Everyone is different some people get BFP after 10dpo and others still get BFN after missed period but can still be pregnant, all depends on the levels of HCG.

It sounds like you are pregnant if you have a faint line there!! Soo congratulations, test again in a few days and the line should get darker xx

babydust27 Sun 26-Jun-11 13:03:58

im in the same boat!! Im on 11 days and got a really really very faint line this morning, i dont think anyone else would see it but because i use the opk sticks i know where to look for the line.

Im going to test again on tuesday morning and see if its still there

ilikeyoursleeves Sun 26-Jun-11 13:20:23

Thanks for the replies. Oooh babydust that sounds exciting too! I am trying not to think too much yet until I test again. It just feels a bit surreal as this is us TTC number 3 and DS1 took 5 years and IVF to conceive. DS2 was a natural miracle (fluke?) so we were TTC again with the expectation that it may not work, but this is the first month we have been TTC again so arrrghhhhh!!! The line is so so faint but I do think something is there...? I know I have tested early so only time will tell. EEK! Babydust I don't think I can hold out til Tuesday, I plan on testing again tomo cos if it really is a line it should be darker even by tomorrow I think.

I haven't said a word to DH yet, I am sitting talking to him about normal stuff as I don't want to get his hopes up.

babydust27 Sun 26-Jun-11 13:32:07

i havent mentioned anything to mine either!! He asked me yesterday when we would know and i said prob for at least 10 days!! I keep hiding my tests in the big inside a big coffee jar just incase he sees them when he takes the rubbish out!

Id rather just see what happens then get his hopes up. This is our 3rd month of ttc, and neither of us has any children so im not really sure what to expect from it all!!

What tests are you using? Ive had a look online at the 1st response ones but the reviews say that they dont show up and earlier than the normal ones

ilikeyoursleeves Sun 26-Jun-11 13:44:17

Hi Babydust, my test is hidden in a shoebox grin

I used a First Response test, I think they are quite sensitive as it says 54% of women can get a positive result 4 days before AF is due. That's the only one I have. I think I have previously used Boots own and they were fine although I can't remember what day I tested then. What test did you use?

Have you told anyone else? I have only told mumsnet smile

Good luck- I hope you get a stronger line when you next test- it's all exciting but nervewracking at the same time. Do you have any early symptoms? I don't think I have any- other than nerves anyway!

ilikeyoursleeves Sun 26-Jun-11 13:59:30

Just checked, it's clear blue I tested with

babydust27 Sun 26-Jun-11 14:26:30

ive just used the cheap sticks from ebay, got 10 in the cupboard!! I do have one of the clearblue digital ones tucked away but i think it wouldnt show a positive results this early on as its starts a detecting the hormone at a level of 50 and my ebay cheap ones are 10.

No i havent told anyone, feels abit to early although its nice to have someone on here thats going through the same!! Only my best friend knows that we have been trying and shes on hols at the min so no-one else really to talk to about it.

I have just done another test and got a very faint line again on that one so im getting more and more hopeful!!

I think ill keep doing them until the line is really noticeable then crack open my clearblue one!!!!

Wish i knew for def as i want to send my boyfriend this to tell him:|7865|message-in-a-bottle||S|e|6406460529

and write the letter inside from the little peanut sized baby but im not sure ill be able to wait!!!

Would be so nice to have it as a memory from the moment that we changed his life forever!!

When are you going to tell your husband? I keep wanting to wait until im completely sure and got a BFP instead of a very small P!!

pommedechocolat Sun 26-Jun-11 15:22:59

I tested this am at 10dpo and got a faint line on a fr early one. It's faint but there and I shoved it in dh's face at 5.30am this morning. He sees it too! Will be testing every am for the next few days.

babydust27 Sun 26-Jun-11 16:57:02

we can all become obsessed together!!!

What was his reaction?

ilikeyoursleeves Sun 26-Jun-11 17:40:30

Congratulations pomme! That's fab, what did your dh say?

Babydust, sounds like you are def pregnant if you got another faint line! Congrats! I just checked mine again & I can still see the line although I have to hold it up to the light so it's very very faint. I will test again tomo morning but if it's a bfp I don't know when or how to tell dh. Knowing me I'll tell him right away! We are going on holiday to france on wednesday though so it could be fun to tell him while we are on the ferry....if I'm actually pregnant that is.

Eek again!

pommedechocolat Sun 26-Jun-11 17:42:13

He was very happy and then asked if this one was going to be as noisy as dd 9reason why we were up at 5.30am!). Then he went back to sleep!

With dd I had a faint line at 12dpo which was the first time I tested.

babydust27 Sun 26-Jun-11 17:55:27

mine isnt there if i hold it up to the light but when its lying on a bit of white paper i can def see them!

I cant decide what to do now, should i tell him or wait a bit longer?

We went to a wedding last night and i had quite a few glasses of wine, wish i had stuck to lemonade like my DP suggested!!

Will either of you tell anyone else? Im terrified to tell my parents as im not sure if they will be pleased or not!!

ilikeyoursleeves Sun 26-Jun-11 18:28:10

Ah I might try the against the white paper trick! If I get a bfp tomorrow I think I won't tell anyone til after our holiday by which time I'd be 6 weeks ish. The only person is be dreading telling would be my boss!

Babydust, it does sound you are pregnant, could you hold it in any longer? if not, just tell him & celebrate! I'm going to wait to see if my line darkens any first, fingers crossed for tomo...

Supersunnyday Sun 26-Jun-11 18:31:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

babydust27 Sun 26-Jun-11 18:48:37

Its such a funny feeling though sitting here knowing the best secret in the world while DP watches the football and eats his pizza completely unaware that hes going to have the best news very very soon lol!!

I think ill test again tomorrow and tell him then just to be sure, i wanted to do it in an imagitive way with that message in a bottle idea but im not sure i can wait til it arrives!

Did any of you look at the link? What do you think to it?

ilikeyoursleeves Sun 26-Jun-11 19:05:02

The link didn't work when I tried it, sounds like a nice idea though. Maybe you could write your own note & put it in his sandwich or something lol- hey that's a good idea actually I might do that for dh!

I know what you mean re feeling weird just now that your partner has no idea! Hopefully we will both have happy news tomorrow...

I have been feeling ravenous all day, I wonder if that's a symptom? Can't remember it from last time?

babydust27 Sun 26-Jun-11 19:15:17

ive eaten loads in the last few days! Far to early for cravings but all i want is some seeded bread toasted with loads of philadelphia!!

Havent really got any symptoms except a bit of an ache in my lower back and cramps every now and then

Did you go to the doctor when you found out last night or straight to the mid wife? Wondering if i should ring up tomorrow and make an appointment for end of the week/start of the next week?

ilikeyoursleeves Sun 26-Jun-11 19:35:20

Not necessarily too early for cravings- I had them before I knew I was pg the last twice, I craved salty things & was eating tons of salt & vinegar crisps & olives!

Re telling the dr- with ds1 I was in hospital due to my reaction to my ivf drugs so the drs obviously knew the result & I think referred me to a midwife. With ds2 I went to the gp the morning I found out I was pg (through disbelief I guess!) & they confirmed it with another poas then referred me to the midwife. I think anyway! If I get a bfp tomo I might try to see the gp tomo if they have space.

wrinklyraisin Sun 26-Jun-11 20:06:07

I'm 13 ish days late and no AF. But I got a bfn on the 15th (was about 15dpo I think) and am now waiting to test again this coming weekend with my fella unless AF appears in the meantime. Its very strange. I have some "symptoms" like tingly boobs, nausea, fatigue... so, fingers crossed!

babydust27 Sun 26-Jun-11 20:11:05

ive just done the clearblue one and its a BFP!!!!!

Says Pregnant 1-2 weeks, 1st day of last period was 3rd june so i make me 3 weeks and 2 days, due on 8th March

Told DP, i just stood in the doorway of the hall and shouted it out in shock!!!

I didnt expect the clear blue digital one to show this early but that must been a good sign that the hcg levels are high!

Im going to ring the docs tomorrow and ask them who i need to see

I seem to not be able to control my nervous laughter at the moment!!!!!

ilikeyoursleeves Sun 26-Jun-11 20:25:20

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo Babydust!!! Congratulations!!! That's great that the clearblue gave a definate result smile What did DP say?

My AF was 2nd June so fingers crossed I will be your bump buddy by tomorrow grin

Bet your mind is going crazy right now! Enjoy these precious moments, and have a happy healthy pregnancy!

Good luck to wrinkly raisin- are you 26dpo then? That is really weird- do you have irregular periods? Hopefully you get a BFP this weekend if not before.

shellmc Sun 26-Jun-11 20:30:25

Just been readin through your posts, oooohhh sounds soo exciting for you all smile
Big Congrats to babydust27 its a wonderful feeling isnt it?? I remember having a very giggly nervous laugh when i got my BFP too.
Sounds very promising for you too, ilikeyoursleeves smile
Good luck xx

babydust27 Sun 26-Jun-11 20:46:43

thanks everyone! he was really pleased and then decided that its time he did some driving lessons so ive gone upstairs and left him sitting on the sofa applying for his licence! I think he is still in shock! i really hope we are bump buddies, it would be great to have someone to get excited with! its a really strange feeling though im not really sure what to do with myself now

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