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I am being so unreasonable, I know.

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leatherchair Sun 26-Jun-11 09:43:05

DH has put his back out this morning - unable to SWI.

Today is 24 hours after my positive OPK. Last month we missed SWI at exactly the same time as he was not feeling well then. DS is asleep in his cot, so would should be good to go. Except he is upstairs in bed with a TENS machine on.

I know I am being totally unreasonable to be moaning, it's hardly his fault. But I am so fed up with missing the small widow of opportunity every month. It's taken so long to even get to a stage of getting a positive OPK.

rane over.

MrsCog Sun 26-Jun-11 09:50:35

Slightly tongue in cheek, but he does know that gentle exercise is one of the best treatments for back pain doesn't he?

I sympathise though - when you're TTC, it feels like your whole life builds up to one day a month. Have you been SWI the rest of the month? The advice is to SWI every other day throughout the cycle and then you're nowhere near as reliant on the magic 24 hours as there will probably be living sperm there at OV anyway.

PatientGriselda Sun 26-Jun-11 09:58:35

Thinking practically, can you press a syringe/turkey baster into use? I would think he could make the necessary wrist movements without hurting his back any further.

I know it's not particularly romantic, but sod all that.

leatherchair Sun 26-Jun-11 10:09:32

Thank you for not flaming me in true AIBU style grin

He is having none of it, I had offered to clamber on, and/or provide a cup for turkey basting. Nothing is making him budge.

We have been SWI'ing in the run up to ovulation too, but it's just so frustrating when you know you are not able to give it your best shot.

He just does not get my frustrations, but then they don't have to go through the hell of the 2ww and the BFN's you get when you start testing at 7dpo wink.

He better man up later, that's all I can say.

shellmc Sun 26-Jun-11 12:20:26

Ohhhh leatherchair i feel your frustration!!
I do hope your DH sees what your going through if not feel the pain youl be causing him soon....if he dont help out ha ha.
Surley he would be up to the good old wrist shake, after all he will be getting the enjoyment and he doesnt have to move much.
I hope you get to DTD even if its not fun for you!!
Good luck x

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