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shobbs Sat 25-Jun-11 21:26:49

ok so im currently 11dpo and of course im a poas hollick but needing advice

from 9dpo i have silly enough started the poas odsession using clearblue conception indicator

so far they have all stated negative and took the entire 3 minutes to come up but if you click on my name and view my image that i have uploaded you can see that they are getting darker

after hours of researching the top strip tells the digital test the indicator and the bottom test detects the hcg level.

the bottom starts at 9dpo and the top today at 11dpo but need your advice as i believe they are getting darker


duckdodgers Sun 26-Jun-11 00:37:16

Sorry I dont get what you mean - how can tests be getting darker if they are BFN? confused

MissTinaTeaspoon Sun 26-Jun-11 00:39:55

Do you mean the cb digis? In which case you're meant to ignore the lines, they dont mean anything because they also detect lh which you have in your body whether you're pg or not. Sorry.

CheeseandGherkins Sun 26-Jun-11 00:46:51


babydust27 Sun 26-Jun-11 18:03:38

the lines are def getting darker!!

shellmc Sun 26-Jun-11 20:36:23

Hi there, it looks like the lines are getting darker, if the second line indicates HCG then i would say you are pregnant x

MissTinaTeaspoon Sun 26-Jun-11 20:39:37

The second line looks for lh and hcg, and then analyses the result to obtain the no of weeks pregnant result. It will be there if you are pregnant or not. If the test says not pregnant then you either aren't pregnant or it's too early to test. I'm sorry if that isn't what you want to hear.

I broke open one myself once and saw 2 lines. I wasnt pregnant.

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