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7 week old baby and pregnancy scare

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heckyme Sat 25-Jun-11 11:31:13

NOt sure where to post this.

my DS is 7 weeks old and I also have a DD who is 2.5. I love them rediculously! Myself and DH have decided that unless we win the lottery we are happy with our 2 beautiful least for now!


6 days ago when my DS was 6 weeks old we resumed our "boot knocking" as DH calls it!!! As far as contraceptives go- I am exclusively Breast feeding every 2-4 hours day and night, I had started taking the mini pill 3 days earlier (although i am aware it wouldnt be fully affective for 7 days) so, to be sure, we also used a condom!

warning... TMI..... the condom came off at the very end (no further "activity"??) but I wasnt worried as I thought the above combination was more than sufficient.

Now 6 days later I am bleeding. it is fresh blood at the moment so I am hoping it is the return of my periods but i am very worried that it is implantation bleeding as i know it is rare for periods to return this early when EBF (they didnt return til my DD was 7m last time).

I am going to do a pregnancy test ( i know i need to wait a while for an accurate test) but was wondering if anyone had any experience of this????


TheOriginalFAB Sat 25-Jun-11 18:45:39

Boot knocking? confused.

Using breast feeding as a contraceptive isn't ideal but if you did nothing until the condom was on then you might be okay. Could the bleeding be due to you taking the mini pill?

pommedechocolat Sat 25-Jun-11 19:17:06

I took mini pill before dd (and never had bleeds at all) but post her had to stop it as bled continuously for 3 weeks when I tried.
Doc said hormones are so different post birth reaction is often very different.

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