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Tips please ladies!

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Blackcoffeeandcigarettes Fri 24-Jun-11 21:57:07

ok, so I came off microgynol in jan after being on it 10 years! We've been casually ttc since then but not taking it seriously really, so I'm off on holiday tomorrow for serious r&r (and shagging!) this is the start of is properly trying. I've got ovulation sticks (5 in a pack buy I'm not too sure how these things work [embarrassed] and i'd love all your tips! Old wives tales, anything that we can be doing to help.

shellmc Fri 24-Jun-11 22:28:21

From what iv experienced with them is around 10 days after your period Pee on one, and if you get a line shows your about to ovulate, the closer to ovulation the darker the line becomes if you get what i mean.
But you could get a dark line 1 day and 1 the day after but ovulation may have passed, soo best to see as your approaching ovulation!!
They say to have sex 3-4 days before as sperm can live in your vagina up to around 4-5 days then maybe day before and day after to make sure. Ohhh if you and DH are keen as much as you like smile But iv heard if you have sex everyday it can lower the mans sperm count!! xx

havealittlefaithbaby Fri 24-Jun-11 22:37:56

I'd say have sex whenever you fancy it! I've never had much joy with the cheapo ovulation sticks myself. At thus point in your ttc, Shag away and see what happens! Have a lovely holiday!

Thornykate Fri 24-Jun-11 22:43:53

I know it's basic but use gravity- prop the pillow under your bum & raise your legs up for half an hour after sex every time.

Good luck smile

Blackcoffeeandcigarettes Fri 24-Jun-11 23:25:04

Thank you! It's all a bit scary/exciting! Im not the most patient of people so this is actually something I can't schedule in! I'll keep you updated.
Thanks for the clarification on the ov kits. I must seem really thick but I assumed I would do one every day!!!

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