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Endometriosis issues

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MummyBeth Fri 24-Jun-11 20:58:57


Two years ago I received treatment for endometriosis, I had not been trying for a baby but endometriosis was diagnosed on account of horrifically painful periods.

Later that year we started TTC and were successful on our second attempt.

Since finishing BF my periods have returned and so has the pain, we are now discussing bringing forward TTC DC2 to give me another 18 months pain free.

I am aware that having endometriosis can affect fertility and that treatment can improve fertility for about a year. However, as I didn't start TTC until after the treatment I don't know if I would have been successful without the surgery.

I'm just a little scared now, as we found it so easy the first time, does anyone have any experience of TTC with endometriosis?


mommmmyof2 Sat 25-Jun-11 10:12:33

Hi have endometriosis but I found out after I had both my dc so have no experience really.But I seen your post and thought I would give it a bump so hopefully someone can have some good advice smile

TigerseyeMum Sat 25-Jun-11 10:25:14

I have severe endo and didn't try to conceive for about 15 years as I was a bit of a mess inside with scar tissue etc. But since coming off meds I have had fairly painfree periods and a lot of the symptoms have stayed in remission for 1 year. No sign of a baby yet though after 11 months.

I went back to my consultant to ask about fertility which was helpful. They said that I had no scar tissue blocking my tubes at the last operaion which meant the prognosis was good. As you have had a baby it shows that everything is in working order. Scar tissue takes time to build up and anyway, you ovulate from both ovaries so if one tube was blocked then the other may not be.

You don't say why you think you might not be able to conceive now the pain has returned, but there is no harm in trying for a while, seeing how it goes and going back to the gynae if you have doubts.

virgo1979 Thu 30-Jun-11 23:53:41

Hi, I was diagnosed with endo about 4 yearsago, had laparoscopy, then laparotomy to remove ovarian cysts, then had a 6 month course of prostap. Started TTC after the prostap ended, and conceived after 5 months, naturally. (Did the whole POAS thing though). DS born June last year, am still BF, and my periods returned exactly 4 weeks after he was born, regular as clockwork since. (Absolutely gutted about that - was one of reasons I carried on BF). Each month, endo pain got worse. Jan this year had another laparocscopy, found out bowel stuck to ovary and god knows what else, having ovary removed and the rest in August.

Am very worried about TTC DC2, and i think we will have to start sooner rather than later. I have an excellent consultant, and he advises the best time to conceive is straight after any treatment you may have had? Agree with poster above, fact that you have already conceived before is positive, so think positive. POAS etc helps, as i didnt want to 'miss my window of opportunity each month'!

Good luck

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